Caring for your Vape coils: What to do and not do

coils on desk with vapour

Caring For Your Vape Coils

Every vaper at one point of their vaping life has experienced the dreaded dry/burnt coil taste when they take a puff on their vape. It’s up there with one of the worst tastes I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing.

Hence the reason I’m writing this article to help you avoid it happening to you, and what you can do to look after your vape coils and make sure they’re performing how they should be.

Keep your tank topped up

Keeping your tank topped up with vape juice is the number one thing you should be doing if you’re wanting to look after and preserve your coil life!

Most coils have an indicator marked onto the outside of the atomiser head which is a marker for the minimum amount of juice that should be in your tank at all times.

If the juice level goes below this and you continue to use your vape, you run the risk of your coil not being saturated enough with vape juice, which will give you a horrible tasting dry hit. So make sure you keep an eye on it!

Prime your vape coils

Priming is a term used in vaping which describes the method of saturating a new coil with vape juice prior to it being used.

All that needs to be done when fitting a new coil is applying one or two drops of your vape juice on to any exposed cotton on your coil, and a drop down the centre of the atomiser head so it starts to saturate the inside where you can’t see.

It’s important to always fill your tank to its full capacity and letting your vape juice fully soak into the coil for a couple of minutes before using your vape to avoid any dry hits.

priming coils

Don’t over do it on the inhale!

Always be considerate of your coil when using your vape. Try not to take long drags or keeping the fire button on your device pressed down, as this is activating the coil for long periods of time and will just waste your juice and begin chipping away at your coils life as the cotton will start to burn from the heat of the coil.

Change your vape coils regularly

As much as I wish, coils don’t last forever sadly and they do need to be changed regularly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your vape.

Vape Coils normally have a life of 1-2 weeks, depending on juice used, usage and if they were properly primed. If you’re unsure of if yours needs changing, the tell tail signs are normally your juice doesn’t taste right, the juice starts to turn a funny colour due to the cotton inside the atomiser head being burnt, or you get the dreaded burnt cotton taste when you take a puff.

The sweeter the juice, the shorter the life

Sweet juices have quite the reputation amongst the vaping world, and have coined the affectionate nickname of “coil killers” because that’s exactly what they are sadly.

There are specific brands of vape juice notorious for this that people should try and steer clear of if you want your coil life to last longer than a couple of days. Sweet juices burn coils out quicker due to the residue of ingredients within the atomiser head that soaks into the cotton and isn’t turned into vapour when heated up so will just eat away at your cotton.

Clean your tank

It’s always worth giving your tank a clean with warm water and paper towels to make sure you don’t have any residue or anything in your tank that shouldn’t be there.

This will help protect your coils also as the only thing going on or into the coil is the vape juice you opted to put in your tank.

Some people also recommend giving your coils a rinse under the tap with warm water to clear off any residue that may have lingering. This isn’t something I do as it’s really just prolonging the inevitable and you might as well get yourself a fresh coil in there.

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