Romania raises taxes on vape juice

Romania Tax

Romania Raises Tax on Vaping

As of August 1st 2022, Romania has once again increased taxes on vaping products, as well as tobacco products and heated tobacco products. They previously introduced a tax back in 2016 when TPD hit the UK and Europe and they enforced a €0.10 per ml tax, which has now increased to €0.13 per ml.

The reason behind this happening is an effort by the Ministry of Finance in Romania to try and generate additional tax revenue. The Ministry have openly declared it’s projection of financial gains from this tax, estimating RON460.3m (Converting to €93.4m) this year, and an absolutely staggering RON1.1bn (converting to €223.2m) in 2023 just from the introduction of these taxes on vaping, tobacco and heated tobacco products.  

This was proposed with absolutely no support of vaping or harm reduction regarding smoking, and it was strictly aiming to bring in additional revenue to the country of Romania.

Vape juice that contains nicotine will now be subject to being taxed at RON0.64/€0.13 per ml. So that means a bottle of 10ml vape juice now has an additional €1.30 added on to the price which now puts the price up to an average of €3.20 a 10ml bottle.

Studies on the cost of vape juice and kits across the borders in Hungary and Bulgaria showed that the cost of vaping in Romania was considerably cheaper, but with the introduction of this higher tax, the gap in pricing isn’t much different.

On reflection of writing this article, I cannot help but feel this could start a trend that fellow countries in the European Union will now follow and start introducing in a way to generate tax revenue.

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