Belgium begins to support Vaping

Belgium Begins To Back Vaping

Belgium Backs Vaping

A recent report has emerged from Belgium’s authority embracing the fact that vaping is a safer and healthier option than smoking cigarettes and look to move forward with more promotion of vaping within the country.

The relative risk of e-cigarettes compared to smoking is also clear: e-cigarettes are considered to be significantly less harmful than cigarettes

Although the report does go on to say that e-cigarettes are not recommended for non-smokers, especially young people.


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What Belgium’s Superior Health Council Said

Belgium’s Superior Health Council are now advocating the use of e cigarettes as a tool for quitting smoking, and I feel it’s about time this advocation was given by the higher powers of a country regarding vaping! They believe people who use e cigarettes exclusively to give up smoking will help decrease the number of people suffering from smoking related diseases.  
The report made a suggestion that the availability and accessibility of traditional cigarettes in shops should become more restricted and replaced with e-cigarettes and vape juice. They followed up with the idea of how to do this being higher taxes and excise duties being placed on tobacco products in an effort to turn people away from buying them. Quite a good idea I think.
Age Restricted Vaping

Underage Vaping & Tax

But the SHC also stated it must be mindful of the probability of underage users wanting to start vaping with it being more readily available and promoted in the country. A proposal of also including excise duty on e-cigarettes has been made, but not anywhere near the one of that on cigarettes so it wouldn’t turn people away from the thought of using e cigarettes.

What Else?

They also want Pharmaceutical intervention as we have in the United Kingdom, to help monitor, detect, and prevent any adverse effects within these products.
As the report states at the end, this is merely an opinion given to lawmakers of Belgium, and they can only make suggestions to politicians who can then take it higher but hopefully this will be reviewed and bought into practice sooner rather than later. The more countries that adopted this approach the better as perhaps it will encourage others to follow suit. Other countries who have opted to not back vaping has seen backlash and failure with it, such as Australia