Uwell Caliburn G2 – How To Set Up And Use Your Device

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Technology of E-Cigarettes has certainly advanced since the first invention of them introduced on to the market around 15 years ago. Different chips used inside the device, variable wattage settings, coils that need changing, it’s very much different to how it was. But there’s still some devices coming out onto the market today that are super user friendly, and this is exactly what Uwell had in mind with the creation of the Caliburn G2.

It can be a bit of a task setting up your new device if you’ve just purchased it, but fear not that’s exactly what this blog is for! I’m going to talk you through the steps on exactly how to set up and use your Uwell Caliburn G2 Device with ease!

Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Vape Kit

Uwell are renowned in the Vaping world for the tech that they create and put out for sale. I myself have had my fair share of Uwell products in the 7 years I’ve been vaping, from the unrivalled Crown Sub Ohm Tank, to owning a Caliburn G2 myself, they really are one of the best brands in the Vaping market today and have withstood the test of time to consistently improve on their reputation!

And that’s exactly what they have done by creating the Caliburn G2. They first created the Caliburn Pod Vape a few years back, round when Pod systems were just becoming popular and I remember being impressed by it when a friend gave me theirs to try. And I had almost the same feelings when I got my hands on the Caliburn G2, nostalgic flashbacks were running high!

It may be slim in design, but inside this houses a 750mah battery which lasts me a full day of vaping while I’m typing away at the laptop, and only takes less than an hour to fully charge. The pods are 2ml in size, and it certainly is not a “juice guzzler” I find I only refill it a couple of times a day. It’s really simple and straight forward to refill, simply clipping the top cap off, and squeezing my vape juice into the hole and the pod fills up. Clip the cap back on and it’s good to go!

It features single button activation which is simple, but what is also pretty cool is that it’s “draw” activated as well, meaning you can go hands free and simply inhale and it’ll work, pretty nifty I thought. It charges by USB-C at the base of the device, and I found the coils to last me a good 2 weeks before needing to replace them.

Now I’ve gone through the ins and outs of the device, let’s get into every step you need to take to get your Caliburn set up and firing!

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1- Charging Your Caliburn G2 Device

As mentioned, the device charges via USB-C with the port being located on the bottom end of the device. The cable needed is included, and I cannot stress this enough when it comes to charging…DO NOT use a smart phone/fast charge wall plug to charge your device! This will charge the device too fast and could kill the battery cell power and it won’t last you as long after a few charges.

With the battery capacity being 750mah, this should last you the majority of the day before needing to put it on charge. It also features a “bypass” feature which means you can use it while it’s charging if you’re absolutely desperate. But try and avoid this if possible.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding charging your vape properly, check out our handy guide on how to charge a vape safely!

The device has a light indicator on the bottom of the device, with a green light meaning good battery life, blue light meaning medium life and could do with going on charge soon, and red light meaning your device needs to go on charge and could run out soon. The lights also come on and cycle through when on charge as well which is useful!

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2 – Putting The Coil In The Pod

When you get the device out of the box, you’ll notice it comes with one pod, and two coils. One coil is 1.2ohm and the other 0.8ohm. The 1.2ohm coil is designed for MTL style vaping and will provide a tighter draw, meaning you’ll get more of a throat hit when you inhale. The 0.8ohm coil will be a bit more “airy” meaning you can DTL vape and not get so much of a throat hit. It’s recommended to only use 50/50 VGPG Ratio vape juice like Freebase or Nicotine Salts in your Caliburn so your coils don’t get clogged up which could happen if you opted to use High VG vape juice. I recommend the vape juices below!

You’ll notice at the bottom of the pod is an opening, this is where the coil goes! Take your coil out, whichever ohm you desire, and simply push it into the opening and it will sit in place nice and snug. And that’s as easy as that! And just rinse and repeat when you have to change your coil.

Pro Tip – Make sure your pod is empty of vape juice before taking the coil out!

filling up caliburn pod

3 – Filling up your Caliburn G2

So your device is charged, coil is in the pod and the pod is in your device, just one thing left to do…fill it up!

When you first get your device, you might be baffled as to how you get juice into it and where it goes, but it’s relatively simple and straight forward. Simply clip the black top cap off, and it will uncover the top of the pod. There’s two holes and make sure you get the right one as you don’t want to be pouring your e-liquid straight down the centre hole as that’s gonna be coming straight back in your mouth when you inhale!

The hole which has the red “bung” looking thing under it is your juice filling port. Put the tip of the bottle in, and slowly squeeze your e-liquid in filling the pod up until it’s full. If this is the first time doing it with a fresh coil, leave the e-liquid to soak into the coil for a good couple of minutes to make sure the cotton is fully saturated as if you don’t, you’ll ruin the coil by vaping it dry and there’s no getting it back from that point unfortunately. Plus it doesn’t taste very pleasant either!

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4 – Using Your Caliburn G2

All of the fiddly steps are done, you’ve let the juice soak in, now all that’s left to do is use your device!

As mentioned, you have two options when it comes to using your device. You can push and hold the single button located in the middle of the device and inhale OR you can not hold any buttons at all, and simply put the device in your mouth and take a draw on it and it’ll kick in automatically to produced the vapour and give you your nicotine hit.

Aim to have a good lengthy draw on your vape, rather than several short sharp draws as this won’t let the coil heat up enough and could end up burning it out quicker, or flooding it from the e-liquid not being heated up enough.

Make sure that you use a vape juice which is appropriate strength for you, and not picking a nicotine strength that is too much compared to what you were previously getting from smoking cigarettes.

5 – When To Change Your Coil in your Caliburn G2

From my experience, coil life in the Caliburn G2 seems to be quite reasonable, and I normally get a good two weeks out of each coil before I need to change it, but this isn’t always the case which could be down to a number of variables. Such as what brand of e-liquid you use, how sweet the e-liquid is, how often you use your device etc.

You’ll know when your coil needs changing as your e-liquid will not taste the same, and may have a feint burnt taste which means the cotton inside the coil is starting to become burnt. Also, the colour of the e-liquid inside the pod may start to change to a darker brown colour which is the big tell tale sign your coil is on its way out and needs changing!

And that concludes my guide to getting your Uwell Caliburn G2 set up and using it! I highly recommend grabbing yourself one of these devices if you’re looking for a simple subtle and slim design pod system to enjoy your vape juice, especially if it’s our brand new range of 10ml Disposable Vape flavours!

You can follow the link below to purchase one of these great devices, and to make the deal even sweeter, you won’t have to pay any shipping fee’s either as all orders over £20 are entitled to free shipping! So don’t wait any longer, join the Caliburn Club now!!

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