Is Passive Vaping Harmful?

is passive vaping harmful?

This is a question on people’s minds and it comes up a lot in conversations I have with people who may be nearby when I’m vaping. They have the fear that “passive vaping” is harmful just like what passive smoking is, and they don’t want to be inhaling/ingesting any of the vapour cloud that may be heading their way.

But I reassure them that passive vaping isn’t harmful as it carries little to no risk like what passive smoking does, because of what the vapour clouds are made up of, and what’s actually contained within in. And that’s what this blog is all about, is to pass on some information and fact based evidence that shows passive vaping is not harmful like what many people think!

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Is Passive Vaping Harmful?

Let’s get down to business straight away and answer the topic in question here as it’s pretty simple and straight forward. Passive vaping is not harmful nor does it pose any of the same levels of risks like what passive smoking does.

This is backed up with evidence from a scientific study carried out which looked at the use of E-Cigarettes as well as standard tobacco cigarettes to compare what chemicals were present in the emissions from both. The study used four different high nicotine e-liquids and these were used in generic run of the mill e-cigarettes to be assessed. Tobacco cigarette smoke tests were also carried out concurrently alongside this.

Non-cancer risk analysis revealed “No Significant Risk” of harm to human health from the . And to compare this with the tobacco smoke, most findings markedly exceeded risk limits indicating a condition of “Significant Risk” of harm to human health. With regard to cancer risk analysis, no vapor sample from e-liquids exceeded the risk limit for either children or adults where as the tobacco smoke sample approached the limit for risk for adult exposure.

The study concluded that e-cigarettes produce very small exposures compared to the high volume of risk associated with tobacco cigarettes. The study indicates no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analysed.

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Is Passive Smoking Harmful?

You probably have gathered by the above evidence from the scientific study that passive smoking is indeed harmful, and it actually plays a large part in the total number of “avoidable deaths” that happen in the UK as well as the world every single year.

A lit cigarette is reported to create over 5000 different chemicals that are harboured in the smoke emitted from a cigarette, and at least 60, if not more, of these chemicals are toxic and proven to actually cause cancer. And this is what people are inhaling when they opt to smoke a cigarette, and of course when you inhale something, you have to exhale it!

Cigarette smoke tends to linger around in the air, and doesn’t disperse as easily as what vapour from an e-cigarette does, and this is where people can unintentionally inhale it, and in turn end up passive smoking. And of course with the chemicals being harboured inside the smoke, they’re going to be absorbed into the body the same as if they were actually smoking a cigarette.

Passive Smoking is more notably dangerous to young children as well as pregnant women or the elderly.

Be Considerate To Others When Vaping

You must always maintain a sense of decorum when it comes to vaping and being aware of people in your surrounding area. Just because you know that passive vaping isn’t harmful to someone should they inhale your vape cloud, it doesn’t mean that they know that and may be wary.

Make sure you follow the etiquette that comes with vaping and be considerate of others, and try and vape away from where others are because as much as you might like the flavour of your vape, other people might not especially if it’s forced on them!

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