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5 Disposable Vape Flavours You MUST Try

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Disposable Vapes are the latest fad to take the Vaping world by storm. People are buying these devices by the millions in the UK and for numerous different reasons. Some are enjoying the convenience factor involved with them, with no refilling of tanks or topping up of vape liquids. Speaking of Vape Liquids, this is […]

Why Do UK Adult Smokers STILL Not Trust Vaping?

Why Do UK Adult Smokers STILL Not Trust Vaping

Recent studies have shown that there is currently the highest amount of Adult users of E-Cigarettes in the UK than there ever has been, with numbers hitting over the 3 million mark. This is spectacular to see, as this goes hand in hand with the smoking rates amongst adults in the UK dropping to the […]

Australia vs Vaping – The End Of The Road?

Australia Vs Vaping - The End Of The Road?

If you’ve read any of my previous articles on the state of vaping affairs in Australia, you’ll know it’s been somewhat of a circus on the happenings over there with the constant chopping and changing of regulations and restrictions. There’s been changes a plenty with the rules and regulations of vaping, with the main reason […]

How Vape Flavours Can Help You Quit Smoking

How Vape Flavours Can Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest tasks that a person can attempt to do, and more often than not people do not succeed at the first attempt. But this doesn’t mean it’s an impossible task that will never be achieved as the numbers show more and more people are now successfully quitting smoking, and […]

Vaping & E-Liquid – The Complete Exciting History Guide – 2023 Edition

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In this blog, we are going to go on a time travelling journey all the way back to the 1930s where the first discussion of E-Cigarettes was had, stopping off at all other significant points for vaping reaching right up to current day and where the use of E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid stands today

6 Advantages of Vaping without Nicotine

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One of the many advantages that comes with Vaping is having the full flexibility to dictate and choose what Nicotine strength you have in your vape juice. You can choose a strength that is relevant to how many cigarettes you used to smoke, which means your cravings for Nicotine will be subsided well enough by […]