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Aspire R1 – How to set up and use your device

Aspire R1 device orange

If you’re new to vaping, it can be quite confusing on how to set up your first device, and it can even be confusing if you’re someone who’s relatively experienced in setting devices up. This is why I’ve taken the time to write this quick fire guide to setting up your vaping device. And for the sake of this article, I’ll be explaining how to set up an Aspire R1 Refillable Disposable device

Disposable Vapes to be banned in Scotland?

discarded disposable vapes

There’s been rumours from within countries about potentially banning Disposable Vapes as a way to combat the above issues, but there’s not been any follow up to these rumours and that was until recently when one country has ordered an “urgent consultation” looking into the potential ban of Disposable Vapes, and that country is Scotland.

5 Myths about Vaping that have been proven wrong

Vaping Indoors

Ever since Vaping has been popular, there’s been countless news stories, articles, publications and various other outlets about the myths and misperceptions surrounding Vaping. But the thing is, a lot of these myths are exactly just that, a myth, doesn’t exist, or urban legend.

More pressure mounts on Disposables being banned

woman holding multiple e cigs

Problems continue to grow with the high number of people using these devices in the UK, and that’s the problem they are causing to the environment. Even though they’re made out of plastic, they’re not recyclable due to the fact they contain a lithium-ion battery