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ASH’s 2022 Survey on use of E-Cigarettes amongst Adults in the UK – A Review

ASH 2022 survey header

Action on Smoking and Health is a public health charity on a mission to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco. They’ve been established since 1971, formed by a group from the Royal College of Physicians.
Since 2012, they’ve been compiling yearly reports on the amount of people in the UK who have now turned to vaping over smoking, as well as many other factors and they release their findings in a yearly summary.
ASH have just released their 2022 report, and I’m going to look at it in detail and pick out some key points to discuss in this article.

Can You Vape While Pregnant?

Vaping During Pregnancy

One of the biggest precautions that must be taken is if the mother of the baby is a smoker, she must stop smoking immediately to ensure no harm is caused to the baby or herself. However, it isn’t as easy and straight forward as that due to how hard it is to just give up.