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Can vaping help you lose weight?

Can Vaping help you lose weight header

When someone stops smoking without the aid of some form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, they can be prone to suffering from adverse side effects, one of the main ones being an increase in appetite and sudden weight gain.
This is down to the fact that Nicotine does in fact affect a persons metabolism and also acts as an appetite suppressor.

Is Vaping cheaper than smoking?

Can you save money with vaping

The cost of vaping is a fraction of the cost of smoking in today’s economy. It’s one of the biggest factors as to why people are turning to vaping and giving up smoking is to save money due to the current cost of living crisis we are all facing right now.

The How, What, Who, Where, and Why of Vape69


The common thought process people have when they see cheap vape juice is “Cheap price, cheaply made” and they have good reason to as it does apply to some vape juices out on there the market today, made in China with no regulations and pumped out into cut price retail outlets to be sold to unknowing customers.
At Vape69, we couldn’t be further away from those methods if we tried! We create high quality Vape juice, made right here in the UK and sell it at an affordable price for everyone to be able to try!

Can You Vape While Pregnant?

Vaping During Pregnancy

One of the biggest precautions that must be taken is if the mother of the baby is a smoker, she must stop smoking immediately to ensure no harm is caused to the baby or herself. However, it isn’t as easy and straight forward as that due to how hard it is to just give up.