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The Support For Vaping In England


The amount of adult vapers in the United Kingdom currently sits at the highest it’s ever been. Recent survey results showed that approximately 7% of the UK adult population class themselves as vapers, that’s around 3 million which is just mind blowing to think it’s that many people, and so good to see that the […]

Youth Vaping Being Cracked Down On By Government

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We all know that the current amount of adult vapers in the UK currently sits at the highest number it’s ever been which is brilliant news, as this means that there are less smokers in the UK than before. But what is causing some cause for concern is that the number of youth vapers in […]

Australia vs Vaping – The End Of The Road?

Australia Vs Vaping - The End Of The Road?

If you’ve read any of my previous articles on the state of vaping affairs in Australia, you’ll know it’s been somewhat of a circus on the happenings over there with the constant chopping and changing of regulations and restrictions. There’s been changes a plenty with the rules and regulations of vaping, with the main reason […]

How The UK’s Stop To Swap Scheme Is Encouraging Other Countries To Follow

How The UK's Stop To Swap Scheme Is Encouraging Other Countries To Follow

In this article, I take a look at the Swap to Swap scheme that has been announced, what countries are now considering following suit, and why this would be a positive move for other countries to consider doing if they aren’t already.

Number Of Vapers Globally Estimated To Be 82 Million

Number Of Vapers Globally Estimated To Be 82 Million

E-Cigarettes and the act of Vaping has been around for quite a while now, well, over a decade to be precise. And more people than ever are now opting to use E-Cigarettes as their preferred method to get their Nicotine fix, especially if they have quit smoking and are still getting cravings for Nicotine so […]

How Sweden Are On Course To Be The First Smoke Free Country

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Every country within the European Union has a goal to become a “Smoke Free” country by the year 2040, as well as England wanting to make it a decade sooner, with the Smoke Free 2030 campaign being launched in 2019 by the Government here in England. This means that the total number of adult smokers […]

Smoke Free 2030 – The Government Announces The Next Steps

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Back in 2019, the UK Government laid out a road map of plans for England to reach “Smoke Free” status by the year 2030. This means that 5% or less of the countries adult population would be classed as “active smokers.” Their want and desire to do this would be to create a healthier and […]

Has the UK reached ‘epidemic’ levels with teen vaping rates?

Holding a Disposable Vape

I’m going to take a look at the statements given by this health expert, as well as looking at the current state of affairs with youth vaping rates in the UK and see if we really are in a current youth vaping epidemic like what it’s believed.