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How views on vaping differ in England, France & Germany

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Misconceptions about Vaping are quite a common thing, and they tend to vary quite a lot, with some having a clear understanding that Vaping is a lot safer than smoking, whilst the other side believing it is the same, if not more harmful than tobacco and smoking.

China to introduce an E-Liquid flavour ban

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The case of China banning flavours in vape juice, as well as other things has been an ongoing topic for the last 18 months, with more things added to the original legislations, as well as constant revisions to it as well, but it looks like it is finally reached finalisation and enforcement of these new legislations coming on October 1st 2022.

Government says Vaping is safer than smoking again

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Public Health England are big advocates of vaping and declared it 95% safer than smoking back in 2015, and in a recent report commissioned by the UK Government, they have reiterated their stance on Vaping and the safety of it.

Has Australia’s nicotine e-liquid ban worked?


On October 1st 2021, Australia introduced an enforcement that hadn’t been seen done by any other country, and that was the banning of all nicotine containing e-liquids being sold without a valid prescription from a GP

Netherlands set to ban flavoured e-liquid

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The Netherlands are the latest country to come out with plans to impose a ban on flavoured vape juice, other than Tobacco flavours. This is due to come into effect on January 1st 2023, but the plot thickened a bit more on this supposed ban with the Netherlands Government imposing even more restrictions on the substances what can be used in vape juice, and it raises the question of if it would even be viable to make a vape juice recipe out of these listed substances

Is the UK heading towards an underage vaping ‘Epidemic’ like the USA?

Is the UK Heading Towards an underage vaping epidemic

The current state of youth vaping in the UK is something that seems to be getting more and more attention from the media and news outlets. And the reports from reliable, reputable sources are showing that youth vaping in the UK is at an all time high with the reason for this being one thing; Disposable vapes.
The question in topic of this article is that is the UK heading towards a “youth vape epidemic” like what the USA experienced in 2018-2020? I’m going to look in to similarities of the current state here and what it was like in America, what needs to be done to combat this and what could happen if intervention doesn’t happen soon.

A Licence to Sell: Would it be good or bad for the future of Vaping?

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Back in 2021, UKVIA made a suggestion in a publication that premises should require a licence to sell vape related products in a bid to combat the above mentioned from continuing to happen. In this article, I’m going to look at whether this would be a good or a bad thing if it was imposed, and whether or not it would actually work.

Success for the ‘Voucher to Vape’ scheme launched in Norfolk

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One of the recommendations was for more deprived area’s with limited Stop Smoking services to receive vouchers from Stop Smoking services, or their GP’s that they can use in a vape shop to get themselves a vaping starter kit to get them on the path to stop smoking. And recently, a local Council teamed up with a vape shop in Norfolk offering such service.

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