Where quality and safety are our number one priority

About Vape69

Based in the North of England, Vape69’s manufacturing centre is one of the most cutting edge and dynamic vaping specific facilities in the whole of Europe, something we are extremely proud of.

What makes us stand out

We aim to deliver the best quality e-liquid at the best price possible

High quality ingredients = High quality e-liquid

We only ever use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The ingredients we used in all of our Vape Juices are as follows;

  • EP/USP Vegetable Glycerine
  • EP/USP Propylene Glycol
  • EP/USP 99.5% Nicotine
  • Inhalation Safe, CMR Free Flavourings

We also pride ourselves on the vape juice that we manufacture adhere to the relevant safety standards. All of our juices undergo rigorous compliance checks and testing to ensure they are in line and adhere to all TPD regulations that have been set out by the government.  

It has also been proven through testing of our e-liquids via the correct channels that the e-liquids that we manufacture produced 99.73% less toxicants than cigarettes, with the only traces of Carbonyls found in our e-liquids being a miniscule amount.

Misperceptions about harm of E-Cigarettes

Despite all of the positive media that surrounds Vaping, and the benefits it has on people’s lives, there is still a fair share of misinformation and negative views printed in the media as well as websites. 

A recent survey carried out in 2022 by Action on Smoking and Health show that a worryingly high volume of adults still believe E-Cigarettes to be as harmful, if not more harmful than cigarettes, or they simply do not know if they are harmful or safer than traditional cigarettes. 

  • 33% of adults surveyed believe that E-Cigarettes to be a lot more, more or equally as harmful as Cigarettes
  • 24% of adults surveyed said they simply “don’t know” if E-Cigarettes are safer or more harmful than cigarettes

E-Cigarettes provide a safer and healthier alternative for nicotine delivery than cigarettes, and Public Health England have declared it 95% safer than smoking, and recently backed this claim in a recent paper that was released.

How our testing process testing took place

We at Vape69 partnered with ESSENTRA Laboratories for the series of testings to be conducted so that it would be fully independent.

3 groups of chemical compounds were analysed to determine the levels of harm reduction between traditional combustible Cigarettes and Vape69’s e-liquids.

 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

These are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure causing evaporation and entry into surrounding air. Large amounts of toxic VOCs are produced once a cigarette is ignited and begin to burn away.

Through metabolism & chemical binding to DNA these VOC’s have been known to cause Lung, Oral, Oesophageal, Liver & Pancreatic Cancer. 

Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNA’s)

Organic compound carcinogens are formed from nicotine and related compounds by a chemical reaction that occurs during the curing and processing of tobacco. The same tobacco that is used in cigarettes.

These TSNA’s are well known to cause damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system. Some TSNA compounds can also lead to lung cancer in some circumstances 

Carbonyls (All of these are found in Cigarettes)

  • Formaldehyde –Respiratory irritant that causes chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing and nose/throat irritation.
  • Acrolein – Carcinogen which can lead to lung cancer through the cause of mutations.
  • Acetaldehyde – Can cause liver damage, central nervous system depression and damaging to DNA resulting in cancer. 

ISO9001 Certified

We are an ISO9001:2015 certified facility, and all of our rooms where all of the ingredients are tested, flavours are made, and our automated lines where liquids are bottled are housed within an ISO Class 7 clean rooms. The same class as what Pharmaceuticals are made in


Emissions testing, flavour creation & more

Our team of highly qualified and expert Lab staff are able to screen all ingredients to ensure everything is fully compliant with TPD. This means testing for Carbonyls such as Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde and Acrolein which are not permitted to be included in vape juice that is sold in the UK.

Our team utilizes “High Pressured Liquid Chromatography” using our state of the art equipment that we have in house to carry out our emissions testing and getting results instantly, rather than outsourcing this and having to wait for the results from an outside company.  

Our team creates the best bespoke flavours using only vape-safe chemicals. All of our flavours are produced in house, using food-grade chemicals which means we know exactly what is going in to our liquids, and can provide a full breakdown of everything that goes in them.

As well as this, all of our Nicotine containing formulations are also tested for nicotine content as part of our extensive quality control procedures.


We adhere to all regulations set out by the Tobacco Products Directive

All of our labels contain all necessary CLP information as well as a full list of all ingredients used giving full transparency for you the customer.

Our automated bottling machine is housed in an ISO Clean room, just like everything else at our facility.