Raspberry Flavour

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Juicy and sweet, and tastes like you’ve just picked raspberries straight from the bush.


Why choose V69?


There’s tons of reasons why you should choose us for your vape liquid, but we don’t want to bog you down with all the reasons why we’re the best. So here’s five:


  • We’ve got the most cutting edge vaping specific factory in the whole of Europe.
  • We use high quality EP/USP pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
  • We only work with the highest quality ingredients and flavours.
  • We test and mix our liquids in ISO Clean Rooms (the same level of hygiene that pharmaceuticals are made at) 
  • We’re fully committed to being the safest vape liquid company in the world.


How are we only 69p?


Most vaping brands ship their stuff in from overseas, but not us. We make everything on site in our manufacturing facility in Manchester. We’re a UK business with a UK supply chain, and we’re able to manufacture on a large scale for efficiency – that’s how we keep costs down.


But why? Well, because you deserve it. You’ve done the hard part making the switch, we want to make sure the rest is easy. So that’s why we’re always 69p. Because we can be. And because you deserve for it to be.


A super helpful nicotine strength chart


Some vapers like a strong throat hit. Others prefer the big vapour but not the throat hit. It’s okay, our differences are what makes us unique. Because of this, we decided to change the PG/VG ratios so they were in line with nicotine strength. 


PG provides the throat hit; VG provides the vapour. This guide shows you what to expect from different mixes.


  • 18mg/ml – 60(PG) / 40(VG) – good throat hit / good vapour.
  • 12mg/ml – 50(PG) / 50(VG) – medium throat hit / excellent vapour.
  • 6mg/ml – 45(PG) / 55(VG) – mild throat hit / excellent vapour.
  • 3mg/ml – 40(PG) / 60(VG) – mild throat hit / massive vapour.
  • 0mg/ml – 40(PG) / 60(VG) – no throat hit / massive vapour.
Weight 0.02 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 2 × 2 cm

03mg, 06mg, 12mg, 18mg


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