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At Vape69, we aim to offer the best vape liquids in the UK at the best price possible. Below is a guide to what exactly we offer, and the benefits of using our eliquids. We want to help as many people as possible on their vaping journey, which is why we make vaping as affordable to all, as well as writing blog posts to help answer any questions or queries you may have

Freebase Nicotine Eliquids

Our flagship product, and only 69p a bottle!

Nicotine Salt ELiquids

We offer two different ranges of Nic Salt Eliquids

100ml ELiquids

Only £4.69 with Nicotine Shots included!

Freebase Nicotine Vape Juice

This vape juice is ideal for people who are starting out on their vaping journey and may have recently quit smoking. Below are some of the benefits of using this vape juice;

  • Varying nicotine strengths
  • Provides a throat hit like what you’d get from cigarettes
  • Suitable for Mouth To Lung Vaping

Below are a selection of our best selling flavour vape liquids. We offer over 60 different flavours in this range, and they are only 69p a bottle!

£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription

Nicotine Salt ELiquids

Nicotine Salts are fast becoming the more preferred option amongst vapers when it comes to Eliquids. Using Nicotine Salts have a few different benefits compared to standard Freebase; 

  • Nicotine Salt has a faster absorption rate
  • Stronger nicotine strengths available (20mg)
  • Not harsh on the throat, and full of flavour

We have two different Nicotine Salt ranges. Our standard 69p range, as well as our Vape Bar Nic Salt range, which are inspired by popular Disposable flavours used in Elf Bar, Crystal Bar and Elfliq Eliquid.

100ml Vape Juice

Our 100ml Vape Juice range is designed to be used in a Sub-Ohm vape device, which is considered more of an advanced device. These come without Nicotine already added in, and gives you full flexibility to choose your nicotine strength by adding in Nicotine Shots yourself.

  • Pick your Nicotine strength by adding in Nicotine Shots
  • Strong flavour due to higher VG content reacting with flavour concentrates
  • Minimal throat hit, and creates large vape clouds

Below are some of our top sellers from our 100ml Vape Juice range, but we also offer four other flavours in our range.

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