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What Vape Device Is Best For Me?

If you've recently quit smoking, you will want a device that will replicate the sensation of smoking, which both of the devices we sell will do. As they are Mouth To Lung devices!

Do I Need To Charge Them?

Yes you do! Both devices will come with charge fresh out of the box, but we recommend giving them a full charge prior to being used!

What Vape Juice Can I Use?

We highly recommend only using Freebase Nicotine or Nicotine Salt Vape Juice in the Aspire R1 or Caliburn G2. These juices both have a ratio of 50PG/50VG.

Can I Get Flavours Like Elf Bars?

If you like the flavours used in the best Disposable Vapes, then check out our range of 10ml Disposable Vape flavours...Vape Bar Nic Salts!

Do I Need To Buy & Replace Coils?

If you opt for the Caliburn G2, then yes you will need to buy replacement coils. The Aspire R1 is classed as a "Disposable" device and doesn't require coil changes.

When Do I Change The Coil?

Most coils will have a life span of roughly 2 weeks, with the absolute minimum being a week. You'll know when it needs changing as your vape juice wont taste right!

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