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Vape Bar Nic Salts

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Vape Bar Nicotine Salts are the perfect choice for those looking for a cheaper alternative to disposable vapes.

With nicotine salts, you get a smoother hit than you do with standard Freebase and as well as being able to satisfy your cravings for Nicotine while vaping, They also come in a variety of flavours that are similar to what you would find in disposables.

All in all, Vape Bar Nicotine Salts are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of Nic Salts without spending too much money as Vape Bar Salts are an affordable option compared to Disposables. Compare our flavours to your favourite disposable vape here.

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69p Nic Salts

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What are Vape Bar Salts?

Vape Bar Salts is a range of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid created by our experts at Vape69, taking inspiration from the popular flavours seen in Disposable Vape Bars, and putting our own spin on them to create 10ml bottles of mouth watering flavours!

Cheaper than Disposables?

Absolutely they are cheaper than Disposables! You get 10ml of flavoursome Nic Salt E-liquid for just £1.69, where as Disposable Vapes only contain on average 2ml of Vape Juice, but some Disposables contain less than this and cost anywhere from £5-£7 per Disposable vape device!

Are they TPD Compliant?

You bet it is! We take great care with everything that we make to ensure that everything that leaves our facility is fully compliant with all TPD regulations and the E-Liquids you buy are safe to use. We only use the highest quality ingredients and everything we use is tested in house.

Is Nicotine Salts E-Liquid safe to use?

Yes, Nicotine Salts are completely safe to use as all vape juices sold in the UK have to adhere to TPD regulations prior to being sold to ensure they are safe to be used. Vape69 adheres to all regulations which you can read about on our information page

What nicotine strengths do Nic Salts come in?

Nicotine Salts are commonly sold in 10mg or 20mg Nicotine strength. If someone who has a low tolerance for nicotine would be best using a 10mg Nic Salt. And someone who is used to consuming high volumes of Nicotine, then using a 20mg Nicotine Salt eliquid would be best.

Are Nic Salts more expensive to buy?

Our original Nic Salt 10ml Vape Juice range is just 69p per bottle, but we also offer a premium range of Vape Bar Salts, created as a cheaper alternative to Disposables Vapes, and these are just £1.69 per 10ml bottle and has 16 different flavours to choose from!