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10ml e-liquid not enough? No problem, we also have a 100ml Shortfill Vape Juice range. Same quality, same flavour, same value for money.

We have 8 flavours in our shortfill range for you to choose from and each shortfill comes with two 10ml Nic Shots for only £4.69. Our shortfills are 70/30 VG/PG.

To Add nic shots click the "add Nic Shot" button in the Basket

To find out more about our cheap shortfill range of vape juices, follow this link!

What are Shortfills?

Shortfill is the name given to large bottles of E-Liquid people use in their sub-ohm devices. The term "Shortfill" means that the bottle is normally 100ml in size, and short filled from capacity, normally 80ml of vape juice, leaving enough space for Nicotine Shots.

Do Shortfills contain Nicotine?

No, Shortfills come completely Nicotine free, and Nicotine Shots must be added separately. Under TPD regulations passed in 2016, any vape juice that contains Nicotine must not exceed 10ml in size, meaning 60ml+ bottles must be sold as "nicotine free"

What VG/PG Ratio is used?

Shortfills are usually filled with E-Liquid that is classed as "High VG" This means that the VG content of the ratio mix will be notably higher than the VG content. The most common ratio mix is 70 VG to 30 PG and 80 VG to 20 PG is also a very common ratio mix

What device is best to use?

Shortfill/High VG E-Liquid is highly recommended to be used in higher powered Sub Ohm devices. This is because the coils used will contain more cotton for the e-liquid to be absorbed into, and also the power of the device will heat the e-liquid better to produce large clouds.

How many Nic Shots do I use?

As mentioned above, you will need to add in Nicotine Shots separately to your shortfills to get the desired Nicotine strength you want. 2 Nic shots would equal 3mg strength, and 4 Nic shots would equal 6mg strength. Don't forget to give your bottle a good shake once the Nicotine has been added!

Do I need to steep Shortfills?

No you do not need to steep your Shortfills if you buy from us at Vape69. All of the bottles of E-Liquid that we sell here at Vape69 are fully steeped and ready to vape when you buy them. Even after you've added the nicotine in, you only need to leave it to settle for a couple of minutes prior to vaping it.