Vape69 Vape Juice Produced On Date Information

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What Does POD Mean?

POD is a simple abbreviation for “Produced On Date.” and this relates to the date that is printed above the letters. Some other Vape Juice manufacturers will print the date and BBE on their bottles, which is Best Before End whereas we use POD. 

How Long Will My Vape Juice Last From POD?

It’s estimated that Vape Juice should have a shelf life of approximately THREE YEARS from what the Produced On Date says on the bottle. Even passed this date, your vape juice will still be safe to vape, it just might not taste the same.

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How To Tell If Your Vape Juice Has “Gone Bad”

As mentioned, vape juice doesn’t go “off” as to say, but the quality of the vape juice itself may begin to deteriorate from what it was when you first got it. 

The Nicotine (if you vape vape liquid with nicotine) won’t be of the same standard and you may find that your throat hit won’t be the same as it was, with it likely becoming a bit more harsh. And also the flavour of the concentrates may not come through as strong as it did, and the flavour might be a bit more muted. 

Also keep an eye on the colour of your vape juice as well, as if it goes darker than what it was when you first got it, this is a tell tale sign that something within the liquid is starting to “turn”

Can You Vape Expired Vape Juice? 

It is fine to vape E-Liquids that have surpassed the BBE or over the three year mark since the Produced On Date that is printed on the bottle. 

As mentioned, the flavour probably won’t be the same as what it was, from either the nicotine being a bit harsher or the concentrates used becoming more muted and weaker tasting. 

The dates relating to expiry on vape juice bottles are recommendations rather than concrete dates.

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How To Store Vape Juice

Bottles of vape juice need to kept away from things like warm/hot temperatures, direct sunlight or the open air. These are all factors which can essentially speed up the process of your vape juice turning to not tasting right. 

Keeping your bottles somewhere cool, and dark away from sunlight as well as keeping the lids on the bottles as well can help your vape juice reach years from when you buy them and remain in full vapable condition!