Does vaping stain walls or leave a smell?

We don’t need to tell you that cigarettes are bad – our whole mission is to offer an alternative. But aside from their detrimental health effects, cigs are also notorious for causing discoloration and stains, and leaving odors and a bad smell around the house. 

There’s been tons of studies into this as well. Researchers have found that even with windows open, the smoke from one cigarette can hang about for up to two and a half hours! Not only does this mean cleaning more, but the toxins from smoke can linger for even longer on furnishings, carpets and walls, which creates additional health risks if it builds up. 

Not good.

Sick of cig stains? We’ve got good news.

Because of the discolouration on furniture left by cigarettes, a common question those new to vaping often ask is, does vaping stain walls? And guess what? It’s good news! In comparison, vapes are big winners for house hygiene. 

The vapour produced by e-cigs is made of atomised particulates which dissipate easily and have a minimal effect on surroundings. Some people worry that the presence of nicotine in vape liquids might cause stains and discolouration in your house, but don’t worry, that’s totally not the case. The aerosol produced when you vape is literally just atomised e-liquid ingredients and a little bit of water, which is naturally produced in your body anyway! 

As a result, these atomised particulates are super fine and really easy to dissipate. Public Health England have also come out and said that exhaled vapour from e-cigarettes contains negligible levels of nicotine. A win-win for your white walls!

Long gone is the cigarette pong!

Cigarette smoke is also famous for leaving a not so pleasant smell on your clothes and furniture and many worry that the wide ranges of e-liquid flavours that we offer (particularly our sweet e-liquid flavours and our fruit e-juice flavours) will also leave an odour behind. However, because the vapour from e-cigs dissipates easily and doesn’t create a sticky smoke like normal cigs do, you don’t get that grim residual odour left behind. 

A mist over the horizon

It’s worth noting that if you consistently heavily vape in the same enclosed indoor space, sometimes the exhaled vapour can settle and create a misty film on your surfaces over a longer period of time. But don’t stress about it. This super light film won’t cause discoloration like cigarette smoke does and it also won’t damage your belongings in any way – the worst thing it’ll do is make your windows look a little opaque.

Even better, the build up of this harmless vapour residue can easily be avoided. All you need to do is gently wipe your surfaces on the reg with a dry cloth. If you’re a fan of vaping in your car, make sure you’re also aware of the vapour build up in there as well.