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Vaping Safety and Regulations

Can You Vape Indoors In Public Places?

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Can you believe it? It’s been over 10 years since vaping first arrived in the UK. This is almost as long as our experts have been around in the vaping industry making the best e-liquids in the business! Since then, vaping has quickly become one of the most popular alternatives to smoking. But despite its […]

Where Can You Vape In UK Airports? [Updated Summer 2023]

Where Can You Vape In UK Airports?

There is no better feeling than booking yourself a holiday is there? The excitement at point of booking, counting down the days until you jet off to your destination, and finally getting away from normal life for a while to enjoy your holiday. There’s a lot of things you have to remember and check prior […]

The Facts About Vaping Whilst Driving In The UK

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There’s many different laws that surround the subject of Vaping and where you can and can’t use your E-Cigarette. Most enclosed public places won’t allow it such as pubs, clubs, shopping centres and social clubs but some do give exception to the rules at the discretion of the proprietor. One grey area that seems to […]

Has the UK reached ‘epidemic’ levels with teen vaping rates?

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I’m going to take a look at the statements given by this health expert, as well as looking at the current state of affairs with youth vaping rates in the UK and see if we really are in a current youth vaping epidemic like what it’s believed.

Disposable Vapes to be banned in Scotland?

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There’s been rumours from within countries about potentially banning Disposable Vapes as a way to combat the above issues, but there’s not been any follow up to these rumours and that was until recently when one country has ordered an “urgent consultation” looking into the potential ban of Disposable Vapes, and that country is Scotland.

More pressure mounts on Disposables being banned

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Problems continue to grow with the high number of people using these devices in the UK, and that’s the problem they are causing to the environment. Even though they’re made out of plastic, they’re not recyclable due to the fact they contain a lithium-ion battery