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Vaping Safety and Regulations

Can You Get Vapes On Prescription In The UK?

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The simple and straight forward answer to this question is no, vapes are not available on prescription in the UK, despite the fact that the use of them to quit smoking is becoming highly advocated by GPs and Stop Smoking services alike. In this blog, I’m going to look at this in more depth as […]

New Vape Laws Implemented In Ireland But No Flavour Ban!

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen any laws on Vaping introduced in a country. Most notably, Australia and the USA have taken the front seat for bringing in laws on Vaping which have shown to be relatively counter productive and more of a hinderance than a help to the cause. However, Ireland have introduced […]

Is Vaping Without Nicotine Safe?

Is Vaping Without Nicotine Safe?

There’s always been a lot of questioning surrounding the topic of Vaping and whether or not it is safe to do or not. A lot of negative articles and media coverage has been published over the years condeming vaping and highlighting the “dangers” of it, and unfortunately, this gets pushed out more than the positive […]

Is Vaping Bad For You?

Is Vaping Bad For You?

Today, the facts and figures surrounding the amount of Adult users of E-Cigarettes in the UK sit at the highest it’s ever been. And in no coincidence, the number of adult smokers in the UK is declining down steadily, and it’s currently at the lowest amount it’s ever been. E-Cigarettes have been around on the […]

Youth Vaping Being Cracked Down On By Government

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We all know that the current amount of adult vapers in the UK currently sits at the highest number it’s ever been which is brilliant news, as this means that there are less smokers in the UK than before. But what is causing some cause for concern is that the number of youth vapers in […]