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How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

What’s a coil and why do I change it? Vaping Blog

If you’re new to vaping, then the lingo involved with Vaping may be confusing for you to understand, as well as getting to grips with your vape and all the things associated with it and knowing what does what. If you bought your vape from a vape shop, then chances are you would have had […]

5 Ways To Reduce Your Nicotine Strength

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When starting out on your vaping journey, you’ll want to use a vape juice with a nicotine strength that is replicant of the amount of nicotine you’d previously been getting from smoking cigarettes, so if you were a heavy smoker, you’ll want to be using a high nicotine strength vape juice. But the ultimate end […]

Uwell Caliburn G2 – How To Set Up And Use Your Device

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Technology of E-Cigarettes has certainly advanced since the first invention of them introduced on to the market around 15 years ago. Different chips used inside the device, variable wattage settings, coils that need changing, it’s very much different to how it was. But there’s still some devices coming out onto the market today that are […]

Aspire R1 – How to set up and use your device

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If you’re new to vaping, it can be quite confusing on how to set up your first device, and it can even be confusing if you’re someone who’s relatively experienced in setting devices up. This is why I’ve taken the time to write this quick fire guide to setting up your vaping device. And for the sake of this article, I’ll be explaining how to set up an Aspire R1 Refillable Disposable device

What is the best Vape Kit to use?

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People will use different devices based on what they want to achieve by using a vape, therefore people’s opinions on what is the best will vary from person to person. If they’re wanting to quit smoking, they’ll likely say a MTL device, like a pod system, is the best. Whereas someone might say a sub ohm kit is the best, as they can blow the biggest clouds possible which is their target goal when it comes to vaping.