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How to Vape Guides

What is the best Vape Kit to use?

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People will use different devices based on what they want to achieve by using a vape, therefore people’s opinions on what is the best will vary from person to person. If they’re wanting to quit smoking, they’ll likely say a MTL device, like a pod system, is the best. Whereas someone might say a sub ohm kit is the best, as they can blow the biggest clouds possible which is their target goal when it comes to vaping.

How to get the most flavour out of your Vape Juice

How to get the most flavour out of your vape juice

It’s exciting hearing or seeing a flavour combination of vape juice that sounds just mouth wateringly fantastic, you buy it, load your tank up with it and take that first pull on your vape and…’s not what you thought it would be. Heartbreaking! But this could be down to a few different factors that isn’t anything to do with the flavour you’ve just bought.

What is the cheapest way to Vape?

What is the cheapest way to Vape

While we’re not a fan of disposable vapes here at Vape69, they are helping people transition from tobacco to vaping. As Public Health England stated back in 2016, Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. This was a huge boost for the vaping industry, to have such backing from a huge governing body.

And the amount of adult users of E-Cigarettes in the UK currently sits at a record high of 4.3 million people, which equates to 8.3% of the adult population of the UK.

Vaping 101: A Guide to Vaping Etiquette

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The amount of people vaping in the UK is at an all time high, with more and more people kicking the cigs and starting to vape.
With vaping, it does come with a certain level of etiquette when vaping in public and around others. In this article, I’ll go through some important etiquette tips on what you should avoid doing if you’re vaping around others or out and about to keep everyone happy!

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