Can switching to vaping from smoking save you money?

The cost of vaping is a fraction of the cost of smoking in today’s economy. It’s one of the biggest factors as to why people are turning to vaping and giving up smoking is to save money due to the current cost of living crisis we are all facing right now.

In this article, I’m going to break down the cost of smoking as well as vaping to compare them to one another to show just how much you could save if you vaped instead of smoking and what we are doing here at Vape69 to help vaping be more affordable to people.

The ever-rising cost of smoking

Smoking and tobacco products have always been subject to tax, and nearly every yearly budget review has seen an increase on tobacco duty and taxes.

The current costs today for 20 cigarettes is around £12 a packet. So, if you smoked 20 a day, that’s £12 x 365 days in the year which equals an eye watering £4380 a year! That’s almost the same price as what energy bills are expected to rise to this year, which a lot of people are struggling to financially manage, imagine having the same cost again on top of that to keep smoking!

Tax on cigarettes

The current rate of tax on cigarettes is the cost price, plus 16.5% of this price plus £5.26 and then 20% of the cost price is added on as VAT, just crazy the amount that’s added on to each packet don’t you think?

As I mentioned, the tax rates have increased year on year with every budget announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and with this has seen a massive gain for the government from tax receipts.

Last year it was reported that £10.2 billion pounds worth of tobacco duty tax receipts were submitted, which is an increase from the previous years of £9.9 billion pound. So where is all this tax duty going to? I know for certain I would not be happy contributing to this number increasing any further if I was a smoker.

The government are gaining year on year from people buying tobacco, whilst the average joe is struggling through this cost of living crisis, so how can you make a change in your lifestyle to combat the government gaining, as well as you gaining some extra money? Vaping is the answer!

The cost of Vaping

The main things you need when using an e-cigarette are;


These are the heating element of the vape and heats up the e liquid to deliver the kick of nicotine to be absorbed into the body, and create vapour. These on average need to be changed once per week, with a pack of 4 coils costing around £10 and lasting for the month.


Commonly the tank will come included, but if it didn’t, a tank would cost approximately £10. And you may need 2 per year say, so £20 total.


A basic, good quality e cigarette kit will cost you approximately £20. This is based on a device that come with the battery built in and is chargeable by USB.

10ml Vape Juice Banner - Vape69
Vape Juice

A bottle of vape juice from us at Vape69 costs 69p per bottle. The bottle is 10ml in size and will fill your tank up 5 times before the bottle is empty. One bottle should last around 2-3 days depending on how often you vape. Let’s say you go through two bottles a week, that’s still only £1.38 per week on vape juice.

£20 (Device) + £20 (2x Tanks) + £120 (1 pack of coils per month £10×12) + £71.76 (2 bottles of vape juice per week x 52 weeks in the year) = £231.76 a year

To do the math for you, that is a difference of £4169.24 a year if you were to vape instead of smoking!

Saving that much money by just making a simple switch from smoking to vaping could help people survive in this cost of living crisis, and I am fully behind people wanting to do this!

Choosing vaping instead of smoking will not only give you a better quality of life financially, but it will massively help your health as well, as we all know the amount of damage smoking does to someone’s organs and how detrimental to their health it is.

What Vape69 is doing to make things more affordable

The clue is in our name, we’re helping people vape for just 69p! This is done by offering you premium vape juice made within the UK, adhering to all regulations and testing required and a great selection of flavours all for just 69p a bottle!

We believe in our vape juices being the best and our ever growing customer base feels the same, and what we don’t believe is increasing the price based on popularity and we certainly aren’t like the Chancellor and won’t be adding our own tax on top!

We also do 100ml shortfill bottles if you enjoy Sub ohm Vaping, which are just £4.69 a bottle, and to help that little bit more, we chuck in 2 free nic shots with every bottle!

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