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Looking to buy cheap e-liquid?

Look no further than Vape69. Only 69p a bottle, always!

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Not all eliquid is created equal.

Here at Vape69 we pride ourselves on selling high quality eliquid at an affordable price. So, why do we sell our eliquid for so cheap: Because we can! 

Unlike a lot of eliquid manufacturers we control every aspect of our manufacturing process. From making our own flavours & blending our own liquids, to bottling our own product and dispatching it from our own facility.

Because there is no middleman, we can pass our savings on to our customers. This means we can keep our prices cheap while providing a quality product and service.



£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription

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£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
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£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
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About Vape69

How and why, we sell E-liquid for less than everyone else?

You’ve probably seen e-liquid prices ranging from Β£5 to Β£1, but we bet you’ve not seen many for only 69p!


We started Vape69 with one goal:


To provide a wide range of cheap vape juice, which equals or surpasses the quality & safety of more expensive “premium” quality e-liquids


We wanted to make the best e-liquids accessible to every vaper & smoker, without it costing the earth. So, we launched Vape69 and decided to only charge 69p for our UK made 10ml e liquid.

How we product cheap, quality eliquids

We are a part of a group of companies which includes a flavour house, a nicotine development company and an eliquid manufacturer. This means we control every aspect of making our vape liquid. This cuts out any third parties or middlemen meaning we can pass these savings on to our customers.


Our flavour house creates our e liquid flavour from scratch to ensure that they are the highest quality and that they are all vaping safe (some companies use food flavourings which can contain anything). We create fruity flavours, tobacco flavours & mint flavours as well as a range of other. Our in-house lab team perform multiple quality control checks, and all our flavours are approved by the MHRA.


We make our own nicotine salt. After years of experimenting and trying all different types of nicotine we settled on one that we think is the best. You can choose your nicotine strength so suit your needs. Our strengths range from 0mg to 18mg nicotine in our Freebase range, and 10 to 20mg in our Nic Salt range. 


Because we manufacture all aspects of our vape juice including our short fill products (which come with a nicotine shot) we don’t need to store lots of stock as we just produce it when we need it. This means that we also save money on storage.

What we do

Not only do we sell cheap e liquid, but we also stocking hardware; the Uwell Caliburn G2. We chose the Caliburn as we feel it produces the best flavour and vapour at the best prices.

We don’t offer free UK delivery as we feel our prices are already a bargain. If you spend Β£20 for 20 bottles of one pound e liquid you would get 20 bottles if you spent Β£20.25 with Vape69 would get 25 bottles including the delivery.