Why Is My Throat Sore From Vaping?

Why Is My Throat Sore From Vaping?

Your throat may become sore from Vaping for a number of reasons ranging from the vape juice you’re using, the nicotine content, or even the settings you have your vape set on, but it can be easily rectified!

Vaping should usually a relatively pleasurable experience. Nothing beats having a puff on your vape, with a tank or pod filled with your favourite juice and getting that hit of nicotine when you inhale the vapour.

But it might not always be like this, as you could be puffing away and then start to feel you’re getting a bit of a scratchy and sore throat, and you ask why that is?

Well, in this blog, I’m going to explore some of the different reasons as to why you may be getting a sore throat from vaping, and some changes you could make to stop this from happening. Let’s get into it!

Nicotine Strength Plays A Key Part

When you first start out vaping, as well as whilst continuing throughout, it’s absolutely imperative that you use a vape juice that has a nicotine strength that’s suitable for your needs. So if you’ve previously been a heavier smoker of say 20 cigarettes a day, then you’ll be fine using a higher strength nicotine vape juice, as you’ll be used to taking in a lot of nicotine and frequently as well.

Whereas if you were only a light smoker, of only like 10 cigarettes a day, you’ll be wanting to use a lower strength nicotine strength, as you won’t be dependant nor used to having a high volume of nicotine so using a nicotine strength higher than what you actually will need could cause you problems.

Nicotine is a relatively harsh chemical, and it’s what hits the back of your throat when you inhale on a cigarette, as well as on your vape, so if your vape juice has a higher nicotine content, then it’s obviously going to be a fairly punchy throat hit and if you’re not used to this, then you’ll probably find it’ll sting your throat and eventually make it sore.

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Poor Quality Vape Juice

Believe it or not, using poor quality vape juice will play a massive part in making your throat sore when you vape. The reason for this is that chances are the ingredients used to create the vape juice will be of cheap/poor quality and when all combined will just make a bottle of poor quality vape juice.

Poor quality Nicotine will play a huge part in making a vape juice taste awful and hurt your throat, due to it’s harsh qualities, if it’s not properly treated or made in the right way to eliminate some of the harshness, then you’re just going to getting a sore throat from it from the get go.

Some people may look at us here at Vape69 and think “cheap vape juice, cheap quality” but this couldn’t be farther from the truth if it tried! All of our ingredients we use in our vape juices are of the highest pharmaceutical/food grade, and everything is also tested by our experts in the labs prior to being used.

Our vape juices are premium quality and offered at a cheap price because we believe that vaping should be made affordable to everyone, which is why our flagship range of Freebase Nicotine and Nicotine Salt vape juices are only 69p a bottle!


Every ingredient used in our vape juices here at Vape69 is tested prior to use, and we only ever use the highest quality ingredients, from nicotine to VG/PG to flavour concentrates as this ensures we produce high quality vape juice at low prices!

Frequent/Consistent Vaping

This is something that a lot of people will tend to do, especially if they’re new to Vaping and then wonder why their throat hurts!

If you’re one of these people, then stop and change how often you vape as you’ll probably notice a big difference! Take less frequent puffs on your vape, especially if they’re close together, as by doing this, you’re inhaling a lot of vapour and nicotine, and it might be more than what you’re used to which in turn would make your throat sore.

For example, just take three longer puffs when you fancy a nicotine hit, rather than something like 7 or 8 quick short sharp ones, as this will probably lead to a bit of a scratchy and sore throat which is something you’d want to avoid ideally!

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Vaping Can Cause Dry Mouth

This might be something you’re unaware of, especially if you’re new to vaping, but getting a bit of a dry mouth from Vaping is relatively common. And if your mouth is feeling dry, then this is definitely going to make your throat sore.

This could be a combination of factors that lead to dry mouth, the nicotine, frequent vaping, VG/PG ratio, the list is fairly extensive what could lead you to be getting dry mouth from vaping. Just ensure you’re drinking plenty of fluids to keep your mouth from being dry and you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded stingy sore throat!

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Wrong Wattage Setting On Your Vape

If you’ve got a vape device that features a variable wattage, it’s really important to make sure that the wattage that you have it set on isn’t too high, as a higher wattage setting means your power is being put through the batteries and will deliver a stronger hit when you inhale the vapour, and this in turn can make your throat sore.

Be sensible when it comes to picking what wattage you have your vape set to, and if you find that it is making your throat sore, simply lower the wattage down a little bit and you should be hunky dory!

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E-Liquid Flavours Can Also Play A Big Part!

So we’ve discussed how Nicotine in your vape juice can play a part in making your throat sore, but did you actually know that the flavour concentrates can also play a pretty big part in making your throat sore, depending on which flavours you’re opting to use.

If you were using a flavour that has a naturally sharp taste, like a citrus flavour such as lemon and lime, or orange, then chances are this may sting your throat a bit, as vape juice is made to replicate the flavour as much as possible. For example, I try and steer clear of Lemonade flavours as I find these make my throat sting, but just because it does for me doesn’t mean it’ll do the same to you as everyone is different!

If you’re using one of these flavours, try switching it up a bit and trying something a bit less sharp, and you might be surprised to see a difference in how your throat feels.

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