Vape69’s Vaping troubleshooting guide

Vape69s Troubleshooting guide

Vaping devices may look simple things on the outside, but they actually can be quite complex and create a plethora of problems for you as a vaper which can result in your vape not functioning how it should. Especially nowadays with the evolution of vaping devices being quite significant from when they first were introduced. Some of these problems can be an easy and simple fix, but some may take a bit more time and detail to sort out. I used to manage a bricks and mortar vape shop, and encountered many customers having problems with their devices, and they would always bring them to me to try and solve. This is why I’ve created this troubleshooting guide of the most commonly encountered problems and how to solve them. Let’s go!

My vape won’t seem to turn on

A classic problem that a lot of people will encounter and it’s a relatively simple fix! Sometimes your device won’t turn on after turning it off, and you can try a couple of things to get it going again. Some devices will take a certain number of presses of the power/fire button in rapid succession to turn your device on. Make sure you’re doing these presses within the suggested time frame, as if you are doing it too slow, you’ll find your device won’t respond and turn on. 3 or 5 quick clicks within 2 seconds is normally the magic method and it should work!

If the problem still persists, then try plugging your charging lead into your vape and it should boot it back into life.

My vape won’t fire

No, I don’t mean fire like a gun, it’s the term used for the vape reacting when the power button or “fire” button is pressed. Some vaping devices have a safety feature called “power lock” which can be activated by pressing the fire button X amount of times and it then will lock the device from firing, handy if you’re putting your vape in your pocket or bag. However, this can be accidentally applied, especially if you’re trying to turn your device off or if it’s how you change your power settings. Simply press the power button in quick succession and it should then come out of whichever safety mode it was in.

check atomiser

It says “No/Check atomiser” on my screen, why?

This problem also relates to the above and can cause your vape to not fire properly. This message displaying on the screen means that your coil atomiser is not functioning properly, and it needs resolving. If you have a vape that doesn’t have a screen, a normal signal would be flashing lights somewhere on your vape when you go to take a puff on it.

My recommendation would be to take the coil out of your tank, or pod, and give it a good clean with a piece of paper towel. Also wipe around the contact points where your tank, or coil meets onto the battery of your device, as this can sometimes get excess juice in there and cause problems. This message may also flag up when your coil has reached the end of it’s lifespan, so if all else fails, change your coil to a fresh one and you should be problem free going forward!

I want to make more clouds, why is my vape not producing much?

The classic cloud chaser question, and one I always used to be asked is to why they cannot make huge clouds of vapour like they’ve seen people doing on the streets or on youtube or something whacky. If you are asking this question, it can come down to a lot of factors and it does all come down to which device you are using.

You’ll want to increase the watts on your device first and foremost, as this creates more power and more power equals more cloud! But make sure the coil that’s in your tank is suitable to take a higher wattage setting. Coils all have different ohms which have designated ranges of watts they can be used at. If you used a coil that had a range of 15-25w, then you won’t get a lot of cloud.

And if you ran this at say 70 watts, you’ll likely burn your coil out instantly and could cause damage to your vape. It also will not be a pleasant vaping experience either as it will taste vile!

leaky tank

The vape juice from my tank keeps leaking

Another common problem a lot of people encounter which again is a relatively easy fix if you know how! If you find that your juice is leaking out of your tank, always ensure you’re using the correct juice designed for your coil. For example, if you’re using a sub ohm device with a sub ohm coil, these are designed to be used with a higher VG percentage vape juice, as the thicker consistency will absorb into the cotton of the coil.

If you used a “thinner” juice like a 50/50 ratio mix, you’ll probably find this will not absorb properly into your coils and leak through the cotton and out of the airflow holes on your tank. Another reason you might find leakage happening is if the coil is reaching the end of its lifespan, as the cotton will have deteriorated away and there won’t be as much for the juice to soak in to, so it has nowhere else to go other than out of the airflow unfortunately! So make sure you’re regularly changing your coil to avoid this happening.

Why does it taste burnt when I take an inhale on my vape?

Yet again, another coil problem-based question! If you get a horrible burnt cotton taste, this is the telltale sign that the coil in your tank needs changing as the cotton inside has burnt away and is no longer any good! Give your tank a good clean out if this happens so it will get rid of anything lingering around and pop a new coil in and voila! Burnt taste has gone! You can also go one step further by using something like an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean your vape tank.

You can also encounter a burnt taste if you do not let the juice soak into a newly installed coil for long enough before using your vape. I always recommend leaving a tank filled with juice and a new coil for a good 5 minutes to properly let the juice soak in and saturate the cotton in the coil. You can leave it for longer if you wish as this will only enhance the saturation and make sure your coil is good to go.

That concludes my troubleshooting guide to vaping device problems. I’ve also written another troubleshooting guide, if you wanted to learn more about storing your vape juice correctly, check out our guide on how to store your vape juice properly

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