Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

When you first start out Vaping, it can be quite confusing know all about the in’s and out’s and especially the do’s and don’ts when it comes to what you should do with your vape device, as there’s some quite important things that you have to take care with to ensure that your vape runs at it’s optimal rate.

One of the most common questions that appears to crop up that people ask, especially new vapers, is the one that’s the title of this blog…Why does my vape taste burnt? I’m a bit of a veteran in the vaping game, pushing 7 years now, and I’ve experienced my fair share of “burnt hits” and it’s one of the worst tastes you can experience.

In this blog, I’m going to explain and give some troubleshooting tips as to why your vape may taste burnt, and how to avoid this happening to you, because trust me, you do not want to be tasting burnt cotton!

picture of a burnt coil

The Purpose Of A Coil

Starting out with some vaping terminology, and it should be something you’re familiar with and know what I’m talking about, and that is a coil!

Sometimes known as different names such as atomiser, burner, wick, the list goes on, but ultimately all the names relate to the same thing and that is a coil. This is the heating element of your vape, and what turns your vape juice into vapour for you to inhale and exhale, and get the sweet flavours of whatever vape juice you’re using and that even sweeter hit of nicotine!

Coils come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all do the same job. They’re made of a metal outer housing, and inside it will have a small wire coil, specifically wrapped a number of times to create the ohm resistance required, and this then has a cotton wick threaded through, and then it’s all pieced together and a coil is made!

Coils vary in resistance and ohms, and this relates to how much power they can have ran through them from your vape device, and it’s essential that you do not go over the recommended wattage settings (I’ll explain this more later in this article) and as long as everything is good, the coil will then heat your juice up and turn it to vapour, easy as that!

Coils are like what the heart is to the human body, if it doesn’t function properly, then it can cause some problems, so it’s imperative that this is kept in good nick and looked after! Because if it’s not, then, this is where the burnt taste comes in to play! Let’s look at reasons why your vape might taste burnt and how to avoid it.

Fresh Coils Need To Time To Soak In

It might sound a bit of a weird term “soak in” but it’s the most logical term I thought would make sense to use! Soak in, bed in, all the same meaning. And this basically means that when a fresh coil is put into your vape tank, or vape pod, then it needs time for the vape juice to fully soak into the cotton of the coil to ensure it’s fully saturated because if it isn’t then guess what’s going to happen…your vape will taste burnt!

To put it simply, if the cotton isn’t fully saturated, when the coil is heated up from you pushing in the power button on your device, it’s just going to burn the cotton rather than heat the juice up which should be soaking your cotton of the coil.

I recommend when putting in a new coil, filling your tank up and leaving it for at least 5 minutes to full saturate the cotton before using it. Some even say leaving it for up to 10 minutes, but it’s down to you. Just don’t put a new coil in and vape it straight away!

wrong wattage on vape

Using The Wrong Wattage Will Burn Your Cotton

Another common mistake made that can cause your vape to taste burnt is running your vape at a wattage that’s far too high for the resistance of your coil to manage then it’ll just burn your cotton up instantly, regardless of how saturated it might be!

Every coil that’s used for vaping devices will have a recommended “wattage range” normally written on the packaging, but also on the actual coil casing itself, and this isn’t just there for decoration, it’s actually something you should pay attention to and follow and not run your device power over the recommended range.

How this happens is that the coil is specifically designed to have a specific amount of watts ran through it, and heats up gradually once the power button is pressed, to heat the vape juice up and produce the vapour for you to inhale. If you ran your device at a silly wattage setting, then the coil will just heat up rapidly, become far too hot and in turn this will just burn and destroy the cotton and once this happens, then there’s no rescuing it unfortunately, and you need to get yourself a new coil!

spoilt vape juice in tank

Watch Out For Coil Killer Juices!

The term “Coil Killer” is something you absolutely need to be aware of if you’re new to vaping and haven’t heard of it before. This is the nickname given to specific flavours and/or brands of vape juice which are notorious “coil killers” meaning that they are so sweet, that constant use of them will just kill your coil and you’ll be getting that burnt taste sooner than you’d excepted.

Flavours which normally hold this moniker are ones that are based on confectionary, drinks or sometimes bakery/cake flavours. This is because the actual product is relatively sweet, so it’s attempted to be replicated in vape juice and more sweeteners are added to the concentrates (all vape safe of course) to replicate the actual taste.

And when there’s excess sweeteners added, it can tend to stick to the cotton of your coil, rather than being heated up and burnt away and this can then heavily affect the condition of your cotton thus making it taste burnt.


Vape69 Vape Juices Are All Coil Tested

We take our vape juice making process as seriously as possible, and we only ever use ingredients which are of the highest standard, and are completely safe to vape.

Every single ingredient that is used in all of our vape juices is rigorously tested prior to being used, and the final product is then also put through testing as well to check for emissions and carbonyls to ensure that they are completely compliant with TPD regulations.

We also coil test all of our vape juices as well, to ensure that they do not fall into the “coil killer” category, and ensure they are as friendly to coils as possible, whilst remaining jam packed full of flavour! This is something we do on every single flavour we produce, and no corners are cut, so rest assure that using our vape juices will preserve your coils life!

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