Why Do People Vape?

have a look at some reasons why people vape

There is no denying that more and more people are quitting smoking and turning to vaping as their method of choice to aid this. E cigarette sales and usage is at an all time high within the UK and for good reason.
Statistics from last years survey conducted by Action on Smoking and Health showed that a record 3.7 million people in the United Kingdom now use e cigarettes. That’s 7.1% of the country’s entire population are vapers. This number decreased slightly in 2020, before rising to an all time high as of last year.
In this article, I’m going to look into and talk about why people start to use e cigarettes and then continue vaping. Whether it be to a nicotine replacement tool, a method of therapy, the social aspect, or just through pure enjoyment, the number of users of e cigarettes in the UK certainly shows there are a lot of different reasons why people do it.
man breaking a cigarette

A healthier alternative to smoking

Public Health England sent shockwaves through the country back in 2015 when it released a statement declaring that
Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking
This was ground breaking for the vaping industry to have such a huge statement backing vaping from Public Health England. And in turn, this saw a surge in sales of e cigarettes in the UK.
A single cigarette can contain over 700+ different ingredients, and can emit over 100 different chemicals once it is lit. Therefore, many people are turning to the much healthier and safer option of vaping.
There is an increasing push for e cigarettes to be offered as nicotine replacement therapy via the NHS much like patches, gum and inhalers are currently offered to people who are wanting to quit smoking.

Javed Khan produced a report on the government’s plan for England to become Smokefree by 2030 and highlighted what needs to be done for this to be achieved.

Within this report, he suggested different ways to achieve this, by putting a higher tax for the producers of tobacco products, to increasing the legal smoking age to discourage young people from wanting to smoke. But in this report, he heavily backed the use of e cigarettes as a key tool for this to be achieved.

I have written about this report and given my views on it, which you can read by clicking this link

Save Money

With the ever-rising costs of cigarettes and tobacco products in today’s market, people are ditching the cigarettes and starting to vape to save some money!

Currently, the average price of 20 cigarettes is £11 per pack if bought from a retailer within the UK. Now let’s say you were a 20 a day smoker;

£11 a pack x 365 (days of the year) = £4015

Now to compare this to the cost of vaping. The main vaping products you need when using an e cigarette for vaping is the E cigarette device itself, a tank, whichever flavour and milligrams of nicotine E Liquid you choose, and Coils.

And with coils lasting on average 1-2 weeks, and a bottle of vape juice lasting up to 3 days, the amount people pay out to be able to vape every day is minimal compared to the increasing price of traditional cigarettes and tobacco products.

This is why Vape69 sits above the rest by offering cheap UK made eliquid from only 69p per 10ml bottle. 

A stress/anxiety reliver

It’s no secret that a lot of smokers turn to lighting a cigarette up when they’re suffering from stress or anxiety about something. E cigarettes are also used for this exact same reason, and it all comes down to Nicotine.

Nicotine creates an immediate sense of relaxation when ingested, and provides a short time fix for someone who is feeling stressed. However, people need to be aware that nicotine is a highly addictive substance that can lead to a dependence or an addiction.

Using e cigarettes regularly rather than chain smoking traditional cigarettes is a much healthier and better option as you won’t be consistently ingesting all the bad things found in cigarettes.

The social network

It’s an age old thing of cigarette smokers gathering in the smoking areas outside the workplace, or pubs and clubs and having a chat. Some people experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and it’s been known for people to start smoking just to join in the social circle of friends, even people who have never smoked previously in their life!

This is why some people vape rather than smoke as they don’t enjoy the taste of cigarettes, or want to start a nicotine addiction so tend to pick up a 0mg vape juice to use in their e cigarette.

But this isn’t the only social side of it. As mentioned, there is a large community when it comes to vaping, and people enjoy going to vape expos meeting up with fellow vapers from across the globe all under one roof, or vape shops are becoming “Vape lounges/cafes” where hot or cold drinks are served, plush seating is available and it’s used as a hub to hang out with people who share the same interests.

As a hobby

More advanced vapers who have moved on from using vaping as a nicotine replacement tool to quit smoking will start to lean towards being a hobbyist when it comes to vaping.

These are people who enjoy collecting high end vape mods, tanks, trying all the flavours and going to vape expos to see all of the latest and current technology coming on to the market in the future months.

Medical reasons

Arguably the biggest reason why people begin vaping and stopping smoking is down to health reasons and they may be unable to continue smoking.

Smoking seriously impacts the lungs, heart and respiratory system, as well as causing problems with breathing and blood pressure and people may be forced to stop smoking to prevent any further damage to their health. Stopping their smoking habit isn’t just as easy as simply stopping and most people need some form of nicotine replacement therapy to assist this if they have a nicotine addiction.

If they don’t get on with the traditional patches, gum or inhalers, they may opt to try vaping as a way to help them stop smoking so they are still getting their nicotine fix to aid their nicotine addiction, just without the harmful chemicals and carcinogens that hide within a cigarette.

Some people people e cigarettes can aid in weight loss when they stop smoking as they still have the habit of going to vape or having something to do with their hands. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms do include weight gain so to keep this at bay, they will use e cigarettes with vape juice that contains nicotine to combat it.

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