Where Can You Vape In UK Airports? [Updated Summer 2023]

Where Can You Vape In UK Airports?

There is no better feeling than booking yourself a holiday is there? The excitement at point of booking, counting down the days until you jet off to your destination, and finally getting away from normal life for a while to enjoy your holiday.

There’s a lot of things you have to remember and check prior to getting to the airport. Is your passport still in date? Check. Have you remembered all of the essentials needed for your holiday? Check. Have you checked where you can vape when you get to the airport? Maybe not…

This blog has been written to look at some of the main and most popularly used Airports by UK Tourists and getting a clear understanding of what the rules and regulations are surround Vaping at the Airport. Let’s get into it!

When was smoking banned in UK Airports?

The UK Government made the first steps forward to ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces with the release of a white paper by Public Health England which proposed the aforementioned. Smoking restrictions would be introduced in gradual stages with smoking in NHS and Government buildings being banned first in 2007, enclosed public places in 2007, and finally pubs, clubs and restaurants by the end of 2008. But despite this phased proposal, it was all bought together as one and smoking was banned in all of the prior mentioned places as of 1st July 2007.

Airports fell under the bracket of enclosed public spaces, as did Planes, therefore smoking was not permitted from July 2007, and smoking rooms in airports as well as designated smoking seats at the back if aircraft became a thing of the past.

Airports began installing designated smoking areas outside of the building and far enough away at a set distance to ensure it complied with the guidelines set out by the Government. This meant people would have to step outside to smoke and at some airports, smoking would not be permitted once the passengers had passed through security as this meant they could not leave the airport after passing the relevant security and safety checks.

cigarette and vape device banned

Is Vaping allowed in Airports?

No, unfortunately not. Vaping is put into the same category as what smoking cigarettes is, and no UK Airports permit Vaping within the airport building itself.

Vapers have to step out and use the same shelters/areas as what the smokers do, which is not ideal for some who may be wanting to get completely away from smoking hence why they turned to vaping in the first place. Some airports have made the right moves and installed designated Vaping Shelters which are away from the smoking shelters, meaning Vapers do not have to congregate with Smokers.

Airports are not required to provide a smoking/vaping area for patrons preparing to jet off to their destination, and unfortunately some airports within the UK do not provide any form of smoking area/shelter once you have passed through security, instead the designated areas are before you pass through security, meaning the length of time without being able to vape can become quite a long one, which some people may struggle with.

I’ll go through the rules and regulations of smoking or vaping at some of the big UK airports below to give you a bit more of an insight if you didn’t already know.

Stock Up On Your Vaping Essentials Before You Travel!

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Where Can You Vape In Heathrow Airport?

Smoking and Vaping is permitted at Heathrow Airport in designated areas which are outside of the Airport and Terminal entrances. But there are NO designated areas which you can use to vape once you have passed through Airport Security.

If you have a connecting flight, you still cannot leave the building to go outside to Vape. If you want to, you will have to go through UK Passport Control, leave the building, then come back through Security for all necessary checks. Chances are you will not have time for this, so unfortunately, the wait for nicotine will be a little bit longer!

Where Can You Vape In Stansted Airport?

Stansted Airport offer probably the most designated Vaping areas than any other UK Airport, all of which are located outside of the main airport building and around the Terminal entrances.

The rules are the same as Heathrow though, and Vaping is not permitted once you pass through Security Control in the airport. And the use of E-Cigarettes within the Airport building itself is strictly forbidden.

image 4

Where Can You Vape In Gatwick Airport?

Vaping is permitted outside of the main airport building at Gatwick Airport, and there are plenty of designated Vaping areas scattered around the outer of the building and also near Terminal entrances.

Vaping is strictly prohibited inside of Gatwick Airport, and there are no outside vaping areas once you have passed through Security Control. And there is no smoking permitted for passengers who are boarding connecting international to international flights.

What does make Gatwick a little different from other airports is at South Terminal, the My Lounge Airport Lounge boasts an outdoor terrace where passengers are welcome to vape or smoke if they desire. Maybe worth a cheeky upgrade if you think you’re not gonna last?!

Where Can You Vape In London City Airport?

London City Airport allows people to vape in the designated area which is located outside of the main building. And from what I can see, this is a shared area between both smokers and vapers.

No vaping is permitted inside the airport like all the others, and there is no designated areas for vaping nor smoking once you pass through Security Control.

From what I understand, this is one of the smaller designated areas from a UK Airport, and like I say, it is a mixed area with smokers and vapers.

bar 11 in newcastle airport

Where Can You Vape In Newcastle Airport?

At last, we have found an Airport that allows Vaping past security!

As with all other airports listed so far, Newcastle has designated areas outside of the main building for vaping and smoking. But you must be mindful of the “No Smoking/Vaping” areas which surround the outside of the airport. They are super strict with this and choosing to ignore the guidelines might land you in hot water before your long awaited holiday.

What sets Newcastle apart from the rest is that there is a designated Smoking/Vaping area AFTER you pass through Security. Bar 11 which is an airport bar features a rather attractive looking terrace where people can enjoy a cigarette or their E-Cigarette with a beverage of choice before jetting off. This is only available for patrons of Bar 11, so you’ll have to buy a drink if you want to have a puff…what a shame!

Where Can You Vape In Manchester Airport?

Back to the norm now unfortunately! Manchester Airport does not permit the use of E-Cigarettes in the building nor do they have any spaces outside once you pass through Security.

They are a little different as you can nip outside Terminal 1 after you’ve checked your bags in and enjoy a few puffs of your Vape, but savour these puffs as that’ll be it until you get to your destination country after you’ve flown!

This is the only Terminal that does have an outside designated Vaping area, so be sure to get your fix before heading in.

garden terrace bar dublin airport

Where Can You Vape In Dublin Airport?

Last one, and it’s a winner for being able to vape in the airport! (Kind of…)

Dublin Airport is a relatively small one, and only has two Terminals, but this isn’t a bad thing as you can Vape within Terminal 1!

The Garden Terrace Bar is located within Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport, and they permit you to enjoy a beer and have a vape as well before flying. I hear the Guinness is pretty good as well!

group of vapes

Advice On How To Travel With Your Vape

Just to finish this blog off, I thought I’d give some pointers and advice on the best practice when it comes to travelling with your vape gear!

If your vape has an internal battery, you MUST store it in your hand luggage and not in your checked baggage which goes into the luggage hold on the plane. This is to prevent possible combustion from the pressure within the hold which can wreak havoc with any device that has a battery hooked up to it.

If your vape is a refillable one, make sure you carry enough vape liquid with you as well which must comply with the restrictions of Security Control. This is because I recommend emptying your tank prior to flying to avoid any leakages (trust me it happens thanks to the cabin pressure) and when you get to wherever you travel to, chances are you’ll be itching for a nicotine hit, so you’ll want to top your tank up ASAP and not be scrambling in bags trying to remember where you put your vape liquid!

And the biggest thing I must stress to you is check the policies on Vaping in your destination country! Some countries have ultra strict rules and regulations on Vaping, with some countries counting it as illegal activity to even possess a vaping device! So the last thing you want to do is get collared by Security as soon as you land, as that’s really not the best start to a holiday!

I’ve written more about this topic in a separate article which you can read as it gives more of a detailed look into how to travel with your vaping gear.

I hope this blog was informative to you, and you understand the do’s and don’ts of whichever airport you may be flying from when it comes to Vaping. Please respect the Airports rules and don’t try to go against them, as it’s not worth getting in trouble for a nicotine hit!

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