What is the best Vape Kit to use?

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What is the best vape kit to use?

People will use different devices based on what they want to achieve by using a vape, therefore people’s opinions on what is the best will vary from person to person.

If they’re wanting to quit smoking, they’ll likely say a MTL device, like a pod system, is the best. Whereas someone might say a sub ohm kit is the best, as they can blow the biggest clouds possible which is their target goal when it comes to vaping.

An age old debate in vaping that is a frequent topic amongst vapers is what is the best device to use for vaping. The vaping market today now features the biggest selection of vape kits available to buy.

In this article, I’m going to look at each device available, the pro’s and con’s of each device, and see if we can come to a conclusion on what is the best device for vaping.

What you want from a device

When you buy a vape kit, you’ll already have an idea in your head what you want to achieve from using it.

Most people will purchase a vape device initially to stop them from smoking cigarettes. The amount of adult users in the UK currently sits at 4.1 million which is an all time high, and a large percentage of these users are ex-smokers who have successfully quit smoking and now vape in place of smoking.

But it’s not always people wanting to quit smoking that purchases a vape kit. Some people will use a vape as an anxiety/stress buster, as it’s proven Nicotine can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Some people will purchase a vape with 0mg nicotine in the juice just because they enjoy the flavours of the vape juices available on the market today, or they might buy one because they’re an ex-smoker beginning to feel the craving for nicotine and not wanting to smoke.

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Buying the right device based on what you want to achieve is crucial, as they all have different purposes and designed specifically for certain styles of vaping.

If you’re looking at quitting smoking, you’ll want a Mouth to Lung device, so something like a Disposable, Pen style kit, or anything with a 1.0ohm coil or higher would be suffice. Whereas if it’s someone just looking to blow the biggest clouds possible, they’ll want a sub ohm kit which is capable of being run at high wattage and blowing some serious clouds. You’ll want to be aware of the unofficial ‘Vaping Etiquette’ if you’re just starting out, which you can read all about HERE

If you’re wanting to vape on a budget, you’ll want a device that doesn’t use a lot of vape juice or go through coils quickly which will soon add up your weekly maintenance costs, so a sub ohm device wouldn’t be the one to go for.

The Pro’s and Con’s

As mentioned in the opening of this article, I’m going to discuss the pro’s and con’s of each vaping device as a way to see if any device reigns supreme over the others on which is the best device for you to purchase



  • MTL style vaping
  • A lot of flavour options
  • Small and discreet


  • Expensive way to vape
  • Can’t be recycled so bad for the environment
  • Can’t be recharged
  • Not good for big clouds

Pod System


  • MTL style vaping
  • Most pods are refillable
  • Rechargeable
  • Small and discreet in size
  • Easy to change flavours by having multiple pods


  • Battery size can be limited due to size
  • Some pods only 1-1.3ml juice capacity
  • Unvariable wattage
  • Not good for big clouds

Sub-Ohm Mod


  • DTL style vaping
  • Refillable tanks, able to hold up to 5ml with expansion glasses
  • Variable wattage
  • Best for flavour and cloud production


  • Higher price to purchase a Mod
  • Most mods use external batteries
  • Can use a lot more juice if high wattage is being used
  • Not ideal for people wanting to quit smoking

Studies done to compare Pods vs Mods

A study was carried out by a field of researchers comparing Vaping behaviour in Netherlands vs Belgium, and the results of the study prove to be some fascinating reading.

The study showed that the use of Pod Systems was much more prevalent in the Netherlands, whilst Mods were used more in Belgium.

It showed that Belgium preferred High VG vape juice, with a low 3mg nicotine content, where as their neighbours opted to use a 50/50 ratio mix in their vape juice, with an average nicotine content of 10mg. The coil resistance used was much lower in Belgium, averaging 0.4hms, where as in the Netherlands, it was 1.0ohm or above.

I find studies like this really fascinating to read, giving an insight to vaping behaviours in different countries, and there being such a big variance in what’s used.

This doesn’t only apply to different countries, vaping behaviours probably vary across different parts of the UK, especially in areas that have a high prevalence of smokers wanting to quit, as this will mean that the users of MTL devices, such as pod systems will be higher.

Devices we offer at Vape69

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