What Is In Vape Juice?

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The basic ingredients that is in every bottle of vape juice is Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavour Concentrates and Nicotine (providing it is not Nicotine Free vape juice of course)

People ask this question a lot as sometimes it’s not clear what goes into the process of making the vape juice that you use.

But despite this, people still ask the question of this blog, and especially more so when the stories are being dropped into the media about things like high volumes of lead and heavy metals being found in Disposable Vapes which is causing people to question the safety of vaping.

In this blog, I’m going to explain what goes into the process of making our vape juices here at Vape69, and what we do to ensure what we use to create our vape juice is entirely “vape safe” and how we always create a high quality end product at low costs!


We commissioned a study to compare levels of TSNA’s (Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Carbonyl Emissions.

We took 3 traditional cigarette brands and our Vape69 product portfolio, to establish how much safer our products really are.

And the results were that our product produced 99.73% less toxicants than Cigarettes!

The Job Of Each Key Ingredient In Vape Juice

Let’s start this off by taking an in depth look at what exactly each key ingredient is in vape juice, and the reason why it’s included in the process of making vape juice!

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

This is the chemical used that determines how thick your vape juice will be, and it also helps enrich the flavours of the concentrates used as the both of them react with one another in a positive way. 

VG is quite commonly used in a variety of medicines, most notably cough mixture which you’ve likely took many a time in your life time, so you know for a fact it’s completely safe to ingest, and is completely vape safe too! 

Propylene Glycol (PG) 

This is what gives the effect of the throat hit when you inhale on your vape, so it’s a relatively essential ingredient to be included! It’s commonly used in food products as well, and the PG we use is of food-safe grade so rest assure it’s fine to vape! 

Flavour Concentrates

We make all of our flavours in house by using a variety of different flavour concentrates to make one specific flavour. The use of concentrates is absolutely essential because nobody wants to be vaping a flavourless vape juice do they?! Well, some people do but that’s a different story for a different blog! 


And we finish with arguably the thing used in vape juice that has the most questions and doubts surrounding it! Nicotine is added into vape juice to help aid people in getting their nicotine fix, especially if they have quit smoking and still have a dependency/addiction to Nicotine. 

Nicotine is not harmful, and I’ve explained this in a different blog which you can check out, but contrary to popular belief, it is not a harmful chemical, nor is it one of the cancer causing chemicals found in Cigarettes, meaning it won’t cause cancer if it’s used in vape juice!


The Steps We Take To Ensure Safety Is Top Priority

Being one of the leading vape juice manufacturers in the UK, and providing high quality vape juice to thousands of customers every single year comes with great responsibility, and the main responsibility is ensuring that all of our vape juices are compliant with TPD regulations, and adhere to all required safety measures as well. 

Everything involved with making our premium quality vape juice is done in house within our state of the art facilities based in the North of England. This means we do not use any third parties nor outsource any of the processes involved, meaning we can keep a keen eye on things and ensure what we produces matches all of the requirements within the safety criteria. I’ll pick out and explain a few things that we do to ensure this;

Material Testing

Every single raw ingredient that comes through our doors to our facility is fully tested prior to being used in our vape juice formulas. 

This is to ensure we know exactly what we are using, and also ensures that it is safe and compliant to be used. We also have batch numbers for all testing done, so everything can be traced back should any problems arise. 

This means concentrates, nicotine, VG, PG, and anything else we use will not be used until full testing to our standards has been conducted, and this is done by our team of in house experts! 

No Banned Chemicals Are Used

When the Tobacco Products Directive regulations were introduced in 2016, this included a list of chemicals and sweeteners that were effectively banned from being included in vape juices. 

The primary chemical that you may have heard of is Diacetyl, which is a sweetener that was previously used in vape juices, and was also the root of what caused the “Popcorn Lung” outbreak, therefore it was promptly banned from being included, and our facility is a completely Diketone free zone!

Final Product Testing

As explained, we test all of the materials that we use in making our ranges of Vape Juices, but in addition to this, we also test the final product that we create using all of these ingredients just to ensure that we’ve got everything right and it meets out standards of Quality Control! 

All of our vape juices are made in batches, and each batch has a unique batch reference number which is recorded at our facility and kept on file, so should any problems arise, we have a record and can trace it back easily! 

Quality Control is absolutely imperative to us, and we take all neccesary steps to ensure what we produce meets our high standards!

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Cheap Prices…But Not Cheap Quality!

It’s perfectly normal for someone to think when they see something at a cheap price, it must be cheap quality. Especially things sold at retail, clothing, food, toys etc, and the most common place where things are made cheaply and exported from is China. 

You might not think that Chinese made vape juice is commonly seen here in the UK, but did you know that it’s where the most popular brands of Disposable Vapes are made and exported from? Meaning EVERYTHING about Disposable Vapes is made in China including the vape juice! 

China doesn’t have any form of regulations when it comes to vape juice, like what we have here in the UK, meaning they can put essentially anything in to it to make the vape juice taste good, which is a cause for concern for sure, and one of the primary reasons I do not use Disposable Vapes! 

The reason why our Vape Juices are so cheap isn’t because we cut corners, quite the opposite actually! It’s because everything that we use materials wise is sourced from within the UK, meaning we don’t have to pay customs or import fee’s. 

We also do all of the processes involved with making vape juice in house with our own team of experts, so don’t have to pay for third party companies to be involved. 

And we only ever use the highest quality ingredients for our vape juices, meaning it’s far from cheap quality. And the reason we’ve made the price so cheap is because we believe in making vaping as affordable to everyone as possible, as we want to see England reach Smoke Free status, and kick smoking to the curb for good!

Do You Do Nicotine Testing?

Absolutely we do! When we said that everything we use in our vape juices is tested, it means EVERYTHING! Nicotine is tested to ensure it meets our standards and requirements, to produce high quality and smooth tasting vape juice!

What VG/PG Ratio Do We Produce?

Our primary VG/PG Ratio we produce is 50/50, and this applies to our flagship 69p range as well as our Nicotine Salts and Vape Bar Nic Salts. We also produce High VG vape juice in our Shortfill range!

Do You Do Emissions Testing?

We certainly do this as well! Emissions Testing is absolutely crucial when it comes to ensuring the vape juice we produce is safe for you to use, and our emissions testing ensures that nothing nasty is produced within the vapour!

Can I Get Disposable Vape Flavours?

Our range of Vape Bar Nic Salts have been created to to replicate the rich and popular flavours used in the best Disposable Vapes on the market, but at a much more affordable cost! 

Is Vape69 Vape Juice Made In The UK?

You bet it is! I mentioned our state of the art facility where everything takes place, and that is based in Manchester, England. All of our testing, production, bottling and dispatching is done under the same roof as this facility!

How Do I Know Which Vape Juice To Use?

If you’ve recently quit smoking and want a vape juice to replicate the sensation of smoking, then a 50/50 vape juice is best. Whereas if you want to make big clouds, get a Shortfill and get chasing!

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