An explanation of what an All Day Vape is

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What is an ‘All Day Vape’?

A common question asked by people new to vaping, and a term used quite frequently amongst vapers in the vaping world. An “All day vape” refers to a flavour of vape juice that people can vape all day without it becoming too over powering, sickly, sweet, or boring, and that’s where the term is born. In this article, I’ll explain what makes a flavour so good somebody could vape it all day, and some recommendations on my personal favourite ADV’s from our variety of flavours at Vape69.

Where does the name come from?

As stated above, the term is coined from somebody vaping one flavour of vape juice all day, without changing it throughout the day. These flavours are few and far between, and some peoples perceptions of an ADV is different to others. For example, I’ve got a friend who’s all day vaping go to is a Custard flavour, and they never get bored of it and vapes it all day. Myself on the other hand, can’t handle more than two tanks of a dessert flavour vape juice before I have to switch to something different. Give me a fruity flavour and I’m set for the day, although I’m still in search of “the one” when it comes to a flavor of e-liquid I will never get bored of. I do like having a choice of juices to rotate between as the day goes on.

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What makes a flavour of vape juice eligible to be an “All dayer”

People’s criteria’s for what makes a juice an ADV will vary from person to person, but my personal preference is;

  • Not too strong level of nicotine, I tend to switch between 20mg Nic Salts or 6mg Freebase throughout the day
  • A brand I’m familiar with and know they produce good vape juice
  • Not too overpowering with flavour
  • Not too cold if it’s an ice flavour
  • Not too sweet or sickly

I know I sound picky, but that’s pretty much what my criteria is, and others may have either a very similar or very different criteria.

My personal favourite All day Vape flavours available at Vape69

We’ve created our entire vape juice range to give our customers an opportunity to buy cheap UK made eliquid at the best price, whilst getting the highest quality at the same time. 

We have an extensive range of flavours in our Freebase, Nic Salt and 100ml Shortfill vape juice options

I’m a bit fussy when it comes to vaping the same flavour day in and day out and like to have a selection at hand to choose from. These are my favourite’s (in no particular order)

  • Blue Sour Slush – Blue raspberry/blue slush flavours are my all time favourite flavour, so it’s a no brainer this would be an all day vape for me
  • Green Sour Slush – Love this flavour for it’s nice sharp and sweet citrus taste
  • Cherry Hi Zen – I really like the OG Hi Zen flavour so the addition of Cherry to it gives a lovely refreshing menthol fruit flavour
  • Blackcurrant Ice – Like vaping a throat lozenge, it’s just too good to put down some days.
  • Watermelon Ice and Vim – These are only available in our 100ml shortfill range, and I always reach for these two when I decide to use my bigger sub ohm kit in the evening, rather than my pod system that goes all day.
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