Vaping Trivia: Boost Your Vaping Knowledge!

Vaping Trivia, Boost your vaping knowledge

There’s quite a lot to learn when it comes to the topic of Vaping, especially when you first start out on your vaping journey, and it can be a tad overwhelming with just how much information there is to take in and fully understand it all.

I myself have been a vaper for the last seven years, and worked in the industry on and off for the last 5 years, so I’m relatively clued up on all things to do with vaping. And I want to share my knowledge with you within this blog where I’ve thought up of some vaping trivia style questions to help educate you on things you may not have known, or even boost your vape knowledge if you already considered yourself a bit of a vaping “expert” as to say.

I’ll go over some of the key things to know about vaping and we will have some fun along the way, so let’s get into it!

1 – The First Vape Was Invented Way Back In The 60’s

Starting off with one of my favourite vaping trivia facts, and that is that the first ever vaping device was actually invented and bought to light way back in the early 1960’s! This might sound absurd, but it’s actually true, as a man named Herbert Gilbert created a blueprint drawing of an electronic nicotine delivery device, and even put it forward for patent in 1963.

The design of it as you can see below is pretty similar to E-Cigarettes which are marketed today, which I find really interesting that something like this was thought of and designed in an era where technology was lightyears apart from what is is today!

image 2

Unfortunately, this didn’t even get off the ground due to Cigarettes being all the rage back then, and it being acceptable to smoke anywhere and everywhere you can think of, and the advertising of tobacco and cigarettes back then was not as strict and forbidden like what it is today.

2 – Do You Know Who Made The First E-Cigarette?

Keeping on the subject of the creation and invention of E-Cigarettes, and this is a true test to the vapers who think they know their stuff, do you know who it was who actually invented the first physical functioning E-Cigarette? The Godfather of Vaping as he’s known…if you said Hon Lik, then you’re correct!

Hon Lik created and made the first fully functioning E-Cigarette in 2003, some 40 years later from the first inception of them as I’ve spoken about above. Hon Lik was a Chinese Pharmacist who developed the first E-Cigarette in an effort to get people away from smoking and contracting the deadly diseases associated with it after watching his father suffer and eventually pass away from Lung Cancer, caused from heavy smoking of cigarettes and tobacco.

The development and sales of these devices were massively successful and it wasn’t long before other countries got on board and started importing them from China, with the USA taking the first chance in 2005, before the United Kingdom closely followed in 2007.

vaper man using e-cig

3 – There Are Now Over 4 Million Adult Users Of E-Cigarettes In The UK

Arguably the most impressive factoid in this whole article, and something which makes me really happy reading as well as writing about and that is the fact that there are now more than 4 million adult users of E-Cigarettes in the United Kingdom!

A recent survey conducted by Action on Smoking and Health found that more adults than ever before now class themselves as active users of E-Cigarettes. This number has been gradually increasing over the last couple of years, after seeing a bit of a dip in 2020 during the pandemic as there was a huge cloud of uncertainty over whether vaping could affect the lungs and make you more prone to contracting Covid, but this was just classic scare mongering tactics by anti vaping campaigners. Shock!

The reason that this number is so high is because awareness has been heightened on the benefit of using E-Cigarettes for people who want to quit smoking, with GPs and Stop Smoking services here in the UK becoming big advocates for Vaping and the use of E-Cigarettes for smoking cessation.

And back from Public Health England has also helped this along the way, with their statement of “Vaping is 95% safer than smoking” that they first announced in 2016, and this was said yet again last year in a report conducted by Cochrane Institute that showed Vaping to be the most effective form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.


4 – Vegetable Glycerine And Propylene Glycol Aren’t Just Used In Vape Juice

The two things mentioned above, or VG and PG as they’re shortened to are the two integral ingredients used in the production of Vape Juice, but did you know that these things are actually used in a lot more things than you realise? And you probably use some of these things daily!

Propylene Glycol is used in so many different things due to it’s versatility. It’s primarily known as a synthetic food additive, and it’s deemed safe for human consumption, hence why it’s fine to use in vape juice making.

It acts as an emulsifier, stabilizer, thickener and even a preservative when used in food items, and is included is many pre packaged food items and even medicines and cosmetics. Like I said, it’s super versatile!

Vegetable Glycerine is a thicker, gloopier substance and acts as the thickener when it comes to vape juice. The most common mixture that’s used is a 50/50 split, and this is known as “thinner” vape juice amongst the vaping constituency. Where as “thicker” vape juice is classed as High VG because it will have more VG than PG, thus making it a lot thicker.

The most common thing that VG is used in which you may not know, is it’s the base for cough syrup and most other liquid medicines, which is why they’ve got a similar consistency. It’s also used in a lot of food products as well such as ice creams and frozen desserts to prevent ice crystals forming.

I weren’t joking when I said it’s used in a lot more things than you probably realised!

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5 – Nicotine Is Not A Harmful Chemical

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs or articles surrounding this topic, you’ll know already that Nicotine is not harmful, and it certainly is not one of the cancer causing chemicals that’s harboured and produced in cigarette smoke.

The common misconception is that because Nicotine is in cigarettes, and cigarettes can cause cancer, then Nicotine in vape juice will do the same thing, but this is so far from the truth it’s crazy that people are even saying this, let alone believing it!

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, there’s no denying that and it’s what people become addicted to and dependant on when they smoke cigarettes. But the fact is, it doesn’t actually cause harm to a person and there’s not been any proven evidence to back the claims of “nicotine is harmful” up.

Cancer Research UK have published a page all about Vaping and the benefits of that over smoking, and on there they even validate this fact that Nicotine is not harmful nor is it one of the cancer causing chemicals that is found in cigarette smoke.

vaping is cheaper

6 – Vaping Is Cheaper Than Smoking

A very common question that’s asked when people think about quitting smoking and want to start vaping is “is it really that much cheaper than what smoking is?” and the simple answer to that question is…yes. Yes it is!

For the sake of this trivia based article, I ask the question “Do you know how much cheaper vaping is than smoking?” If the answer is no, then let me answer it below and you can use this fun little fact yourself if this question is bought up to you in conversation!

The average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK sits at around £12.50, that’s approximate and rounded up just so it makes calculations a bit easier. Say that a person smokes 20 a day, so a whole pack of cigarettes every day, this is an amount that they’ll be spending every day of the week, so just under £90 a week on cigarettes! £350 a month and £4200 a year just on cigarettes!

This is an absolutely eye watering amount I think you’ll agree, and to kind of dry your eyes a bit after that, let’s discuss the cost of Vaping. If you bought your vape juice from us here at Vape69 (I mean, why would you shop anywhere else?!) you’ll be paying 69p for 10ml of premium UK made vape juice, and this should last you on average 2-3 days per 10ml bottle. So maximum you’ll be paying is a couple of pounds a week on vape juice. £8 a month, and only £96 a year on vape juice, that’s less than 5% of what the cost of buying 20 cigarettes a day for a year is!

So there’s the proof that vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking. Of course we do have to account for other variables, such as coils and the initial cost of getting your device set up, but still the total cost of Vaping doesn’t even equate to 10% of the total cost of smoking!

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