Vaping 101: A Guide to Vaping Etiquette

Vaping 101: A Guide to Vaping Etiquette

How Should You Vape?

The amount of people who are choosing to start vaping in the UK is at an all-time high, with more and more choosing to quit smoking and starting to vape.

It does come with a certain level of vaping etiquette when vaping in public and around others. In this article, I’ll go through a few vaping guidelines and some important etiquette tips from within the vaping community on what you should avoid doing if you’re vaping around others or out and about to keep everyone happy!

Be respectful of the rules

Whilst there aren’t any concrete vaping laws around vaping inside public places, like there is with smoking cigarettes which got banned back in 2006, you should always follow guidelines set out by the premises owner.

From my experience, most pubs won’t allow vaping inside the pub especially if you have a sub ohm device that will likely cloud the entire place out with a couple of puffs. You should ask what their stance is on vaping indoors and always be respectful and accepting of the rules on vaping indoors wherever you go. And if you are in one of the select places that allow the use of electronic cigarettes, play it smart and don’t abuse the system and be mindful of others around you who might not want to be surrounded by huge vapour clouds.

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Don’t use other peoples vape without asking

I shouldn’t really have to write about this as you’d think common sense would prevail, but alas, it sometimes doesn’t. If your friend is telling you about their new vape kit they’ve bought, or an amazing new vape flavour they’ve got in their tank, don’t just take it upon yourself to have a drag and see what it’s like. Some people, myself included, do not want others peoples mouths going on their vape especially in modern day with Covid being a very real and still prominent thing. So just ask before you help yourself, it’s not only vape etiquette, but its common courtesy as well!

Don’t blow it in people’s faces!

We get it. You vape! This doesn’t mean people need it blown straight into their faces. As funny as you might think it would be to completely cloud someone out so it looks like they are coming out of the sliding doors on an episode of Stars in Their Eyes. Whilst second hand vapour isn’t harmful, it’s just not nice to blow something from your mouth straight into someone’s face, and you wouldn’t really like it if a smoker did that to you after inhaling on a cigarette, I’m sure.

Always ask first

Some people might not want you to vape inside their home, or in their car, and you should respect their wishes and follow what they say. Don’t just take it upon yourself to pull your vape out and start blowing clouds wherever you are, be considerate and ask if it’s ok first, it’s not hard! While “it’s only vape” to you, it might be something others don’t want fogging up their car or house, so just your brain and remember to practice good vaping etiquette.  

Don’t vape on public transport

Vaping sadly is in the same category as smoking on public transport and the same rules apply; it is not allowed anywhere within the UK. Abide by the rules here and don’t try to go against them by stealth vaping, it’s in the interest of yourself and others around you.

Keep your vaping gear out of reach of children

Children are like magpies; they love anything shiny and will pick it up given the chance! It must look cool to a kid, seeing massive clouds of vapour being exhaled from someone’s mouth and nose, but this doesn’t mean they should try and replicate it. Always keep your vape gear, vape juice included out of the way of children so no little hands can get hold of it and try recreate what they’ve seen!

Try and avoid vaping in crowded areas

Vaping in crowded areas in public or private spaces should be avoided if you’re wanting to considerate of others and respect other people’s personal space. As I’ve already mentioned, people don’t like vape being blown in their faces, and while you might not directly be doing this, vaping in crowded areas means the smell of blue raspberry from your big vape cloud is going to descend upon them whether they like it or not, and you might find yourself fast becoming crowded space enemy number one!


These are just a few tips on vaping etiquette, and I hope they’ve helped you have a better understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Vaping!

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