Vape69’s Vaping Glossary – A Complete A to Z Of Vaping

A selection of vape devices & electronic cigarettes

We understand some of the jargon and lingo used within the vaping world can be confusing and sound a bit foreign to someone if they don’t know what it means.
We have created this one stop glossary to explain all of the most commonly used terms in vaping and help you understand them a bit better!

ADV – This is an abbreviation for the term “All Day Vape” this relates to a specific flavour of vape juice that someone can vape happily all day without getting bored of it. Fruity flavours seem to be the most popular ADV’s.

Atomiser/Atomiser Head – Basically another name for a coil. See the explanation of coil below.

Battery – The heart beat of any vaping device! Can either be internal within your device, or an external battery that is put into the device.

Base Mix – This is the mixture of VG & PG that nicotine and flavourings are then added to.

Blend – A term used for the ratio of VG & PG in vape juices

Box Mod – A term used for a large vape device like a sub ohm kit that is a box like shape and usually takes external batteries and are capable of running at high wattage.

Cartomiser – Cartomisers are a cartridge and atomiser combined in one sealed unit, and are disposable once the atomiser stops functioning

Clouds – Another name for the vapour produced from an e cigarette. The bigger device, the bigger the clouds!

Coil – A Small heating element with a wick and a wire wrapped coil encased in an atomiser that screws into your vape tank and is powered by your battery. When powered, the coil then heats up the vape juice and creates vapour which can then be inhaled. Coil life span is usually 1-2 weeks before they then need to be replaced.

DIY – The traditional abbreviation for Do It Yourself, which is a term used for people who make their own vape liquid

Direct to Lung (DTL) – A style of vaping where the vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs and exhaled without being held in the mouth. The style of vaping most associated with sub ohm vaping.

Disposable vape – A device that contains a specific quantity of vape juice, a coil and a battery that is inhale activated. And when the liquid runs out, or the battery runs flat, the device is then disposed of.

Dry Hit – What you get if your coil is burnt out or you’ve run out of vape juice in your tank. Not a pleasurable experience!

E Cigarette – One of the many names for a vaping device

E Liquid – One of the many names for the fluid used in a vape tank

Flavourings – What is added to vape liquid to give specific tastes and flavour profiles

Flooding – What happens if your coil becomes too saturated with e liquid

Freebase Nicotine – A form of nicotine derived directly from tobacco.

High VG – Vape juice that has a higher level of VG ratio. Usually used to describe 70/30 Vape liquid used for Sub Ohm vaping.

MG – A shortened version of the word Milligram which relates to how much Nicotine is in your vape liquid

Mod – Another nickname for a vape device

Mouth to Lung (MTL) – Different from DTL vaping. This is used to closely mimic the act of smoking and gives the user a throat hit when inhaled

Nicotine – The highly addictive substance that is used in nicotine to give people a nicotine hit when they use their vape

Nicotine/Nic Salt – A type of vape juice that uses Nicotine Salts rather than Freebase Nicotine. Created by adding alkaloids to standard freebase nicotine.

Ohms – A measure of electronic resistance. Used to measure the resistance of a coil in a vape tank.

Pen Style Vape – A vape device that is small, slim and discreet and resembles that of a pen. A basic starter device.

Pod System – A MTL or DTL vaping device that has a refillable or disposable pod rather than a tank

Priming – The process of letting vape juice soak into a new coil prior to using it

Propylene Glycol/PG – One of the primary ingredients used in vape juice. Gives the throat hit effect when vaped.

Shortfill – A bottle of vape juice that has been short filled to allow the user to add in nicotine shots if required.

Sub Ohm – A reference to a coil less than 1.0ohms. It’s also a way to describe the resistance range suitable for Direct to Lung Vaping

Tank – What sits on top of vape device where the coil goes into and is filled with e liquid

Throat Hit – The way to describe the sensation of the vapour hitting the back of your throat when inhaling on your vape

Vaper’s Tongue – A fully reversable and treatable condition that vapers can suffer from if using the same flavour vape juice consistently.

Vegetable Glycerine/VG – The other primary ingredient used in vape juice. A thick clear liquid that makes the consistency thicker.

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