Are There Vape Devices Better Than the Joyetech eGO ECO?

Are There Vape Devices Better Than The Joyetech eGO ECO?

The market for vaping devices today is absolutely chock a block for choices available, and it’s certainly evolved from where it was 6 years ago when Vaping first started taking off here in the UK.

Some would say the market is “saturated” when it comes to vaping devices, with new brands entering onto the market every week it feels, or established manufacturers bringing out rebuffs of previously released vaping devices, just with a couple of different features, and that’s what we’re going to focus on for this blog.

Joyetech are one of the leading and longest standing brands of vaping devices, and have created some of the best and most well known vaping devices over time, and their latest inception is a nod to one of their old devices, with new features aplenty. I’m going to take a look at what this brings to the table as well as looking at whether there are better devices out there for the money that you could consider purchasing instead.

joyetech ego eco device

Joyetech eGO ECO AIO Device

As I mentioned, Joyetech have been manufacturing and producing vaping devices for as long as I’ve been in the vaping industry, and one of the first devices I used when I started vaping was a Joyetech AIO pen device as we used to sell them in abundance in the shop I managed.

They do manufacture good quality products, and the eGo was one of the first that they released, and it seems that they’ve stuck to this design model and just added different design aspects and features to it which isn’t a bad thing, but there’s still so much more potential they could have done here.

The Joyetech eGO design features include;

  • 650mah Battery
  • 1.2ml Tank
  • 0.5ohm Coil (For MTL and DTL Vaping)

They are the primary design features and what I want to pick up on and look at what could have been done better in regards to this.

The design of these devices is purposefully slim and discreet, hence the 1.2ml tank for vape juice. This is .8ml less than the legal limit size for a tank, and I always prefer having a 2ml capacity when it comes to tanks and pods, as I’m somewhat of a “heavy” vaper and tend to need to fill my tank up a couple of times a day, so if it was less than 2ml, I’d be filling it up even more often.

Again, due to the size of the device, this means that there isn’t much room for a large battery, so 650mah is the biggest that can fit in here. It’s not the worst mah capacity for a battery, but it’s certainly not the best if you find that you’re going to be using it frequently as chances are that it won’t last you all day, and you’ll need to be charging it periodically throughout the day, which isn’t convenient if you’re out and about.

And finally, the coil that comes with it is 0.5 ohm, and despite them saying that it is suitable for both Mouth to Lung vaping and Direct to Lung vaping, this won’t give a true MTL vaping experience and you ideally need a coil with 1.0ohm or higher to get this. And from what I can see, these are the only ohm range coils that they do for the device, so disappointing for you if you wanted a tighter draw and punchier throat hit as this won’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good device for the price point, and it is a useful device for people looking to start out on their vaping journey, but what if there’s other devices out there that are better? Well…I can name a couple off the top of my head…

Caliburn Gradient Vape Device

UWell Caliburn G2 Vape Device

UWell are another big name within the vaping industry and have a great reputation for creating high quality vaping devices, as well as tanks and coils. I’ve had my fair share of their products over the years and never been disappointed with any of them that I have used.

They branched out into making pod devices a few years back and created an absolute monster in the form of the Caliburn, and they’ve just gone from strength to strength with upgrading the features and making them even better every time, and they’ve absolutely nailed it with the Caliburn G2!

Features of the Caliburn G2 include;

  • 750mah Battery
  • 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm Coils
  • 2ml Pods

As you can see, the features of the Caliburn outweigh the features on the eGO from Joyetech and it’s why I would pick this over that any day of the week!

A bigger battery means that it will give you a longer period of charge for vaping without the need to worry about charging it. And also the charging port is a USB-C which means it’ll charge quicker providing the correct cable and plug is used!

The variance in coils is huge as well, as even though it’s a 0.8ohm coil, it does still provide a good TML vaping experience, but if you’re after a tighter draw and punchier throat hit, then using the 1.2ohm coil is the best one to use for sure.

And of course, 2ml pods…the dream! This means you get much more juice capacity, and won’t be refilling it as often which is the ideal scenario, and this just ticks all the boxes for me personally. And the best thing? It’s the same price as the Joyetech eGO!

You can purchase the UWELL Caliburn G2 device direct from us here at Vape69, simply follow the link below, and we even offer replacement coils and spare pods as well.

I’ve also written a helpful guide on how to set up your UWell Caliburn G2 device which you can read and get any questions answered that you may have!

Aspire R1

Aspire R1 Refillable & Rechargeable Disposable Vape Device

Now then, there’s two words you don’t often hear together and that is refillable and Disposable, as normally when you buy a standard Disposable vape they are not refillable, nor are they rechargeable, but the Aspire R1 certainly is!

Features of the Aspire R1:

  • 650mah Battery
  • 2ml Tank
  • 0.8ohm Coil

So the same size battery as what the eGO is, which is fair considering this is marketed as a Disposable Vape where as the Joyetech eGO is not. You can recharge this device up to 7 times before the battery will eventually reach the end of it’s life, and this is when you then dispose of it.

The 2ml tank is a huge feature here, as this is the most common amount of vape juice that is contained inside some of the best Disposable Vape brands on the market today. And of course the 0.8ohm coil is similar to what’s used in Disposable Vapes like Elf Bar and Lost Mary, so if you’ve been using Disposables, you’ll feel at home using the Aspire R1.

You can buy the Aspire R1 direct from us here at Vape69, and we also have a great offer where if you buy 20 bottles of our 10ml Disposable Vape Flavour range Vape Bar Nic Salts, you’ll get an Aspire R1 completely free!

And I’ve also written a guide on how to set up an Aspire R1 Device as well as how to use it, which you can check out and find out more information should you need it!

So there we have it folks, a bit of an insight into what the Joyetech eGO is all about, and why it’s always worth considering all of the options available within the vaping market before making your purchase, because there’s always going to be something out there that’s better value for money, and arguably better than what the original thing you wanted to buy is!

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