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At Vape69, our flavour experts have created a range of full flavour and mouth watering Vape Bar Salts, which have been inspired by the flavours that are commonly seen used in Disposable Vapes.

Disposable Vapes are all the rage and the latest trend in the vaping world. The popularity and usage of them amongst people in the UK is at the highest it’s ever been, with it being reported that there has been a huge increase in the amount of people using them in the last year. 

People admit they enjoy using them for the convenience factor, as well as enjoying all the different sweet flavours that these Disposables are sold in. But the convenience and flavour selection really doesn’t outweigh the negative sides of them, which is they are not a cost efficient way to vape in the slightest. Each device can cost anywhere from £4-£6, and only last someone for a day in some cases before running out. In this blog, I’m going to detail what we have done yet again to making vaping more affordable, and still giving you the best flavours possible that you’re familiar with after vaping Disposables!

The cost of using Disposables

Disposable vapes are convenient, there’s no arguing that. The convenience of just grabbing one from a shop while you’re on the go, no coils to change, no tanks to fill, but they really are not a cost-effective way to vape despite how convenient they are.

As mentioned above, Disposables will retail anywhere from £4-£6 on average for the most popular brands. And inside a Disposable for your £5 you get 1.3ml of vape juice, and a small amp capacity battery, and when they stop working, it will be because either the juice has been all used, or the battery has been run down. And that’s the end of your disposables life, as once one of the these two things happen there’s no getting it going again, as they cannot be refilled nor recharged.

Now this is where my argument lies that they are not cost effective, as you’re essentially paying £5 for just 1.3ml of vape juice, which is just absurd when it’s put like that. You have to ask yourself, would you pay £5 for a bottle of vape juice that only had 1.3ml in it? I certainly know I wouldn’t!

This is where Vape69 have took the reigns of this problem, and aimed to create a much more cost effective solution for those who enjoy the sweet tasty flavours that are found in Disposables, and provided a lot more vape juice at the fraction of the price of a Disposable in the form of Vape Bar Salts!

Vape69 Vape Bar Salts

Vape Bar Salts are the newest range of premium Nicotine salt e-liquid created by us here at Vape69. We have drawn inspiration from the most popular flavours seen on the disposable market and put our own spin on them to create a large range of mouth watering flavours, combined with our Nicotine salts to make an affordable vaping alternative to Disposables which we believe needs to be a priority! And the best part? It’s only £1.69 for a 10ml bottle!

The entire range features 16 different flavours, offering a great variety of stand-alone fruity flavours, combinations of different fruits with an icy kick, and even a simple menthol flavour if that’s what you like! We’ve tried to cover as many flavour options as possible, so we cater for everyone’s likes! Below, I’ve picked out some of my personal favourites from the range that I think you’ll enjoy as much as I do!

Be sure to check out the whole range here.

The best device for Vape Bar Salts to be used in

We do not stock a lot of hardware and vaping devices on our site as you may have noticed, but we do stock one device which we believe is the perfect device to compliment our entire range of juices, and especially our Vape Bar Nic salts

The Aspire R1 is classed as a Disposable vape device, but it is different to a normal run of the mill Disposable device that is popular on the market today, by being rechargeable AND refillable too! 

The Aspire R1 can be refilled with any vape juice, but we would recommend using Vape69s Bar Salts range, and it can be refilled up to around 8 times before the coil inside of the your vape will stop working. 

Using an Aspire R1 and a bottle of Vape Bar Salts will give you a near exact vaping experience if you were using a Disposable, but the upsides being you can recharge your device, as well as refilling it when the juice runs out!

Making vaping more affordable for everyone

Here at Vape69, we want to make Vaping as accessible and affordable as possible to everyone who vapes currently, or to those who are thinking about it. We are committed to this goal, and want to help as many people be able to afford to vape as possible with everything that is currently going on with the cost of living and the economic crisis, we are all in.

We do not import any of our ingredients used from overseas, meaning we don’t have to pay any customs or shipping rates which would normally apply, plus the entire process from start to finish in the creation of how our vape juices are made is all done under one roof by us, so we don’t use external companies for any reason, and this again keeps our costs down which we can reflect in our prices for you, the customer, to be able to enjoy our amazing ranges of vape juices at the lowest price in the UK!


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