Can You Take Vapes On A Plane?

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Can You Take Vapes On A Plane? 

The short answer is…yes, you can. But there’s a few do’s and don’t surrounding travelling with your vape, I’ll explain below;

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How to travel correctly with your vaping gear

It is essential to carry your e cigarettes and any accessories in the correct way when travelling on an aeroplane.

All airlines have regulations relating to the safe transportation of vaping devices when on an aeroplane. This comes down to the fact that most vape devices come with built in lithium-ion batteries, and if not handled correctly can impose a fire risk by overheating or exploding.

Most airlines will permit you to carry two spare batteries as well as the batteries need for your vape, but the limit does vary based on which airline you fly with. You can put your vape device in your checked luggage that goes in the hold as long as the batteries have been removed, and stored in your bag in the cabin.

These rules and regulations may seem strict, but they are in place to keep you and everyone safe whilst travelling on a plane.

Can you take vape juice on a plane?

Bottles of vape juice fall into the same category as any liquids you intend on travelling with on a plane.

If you aren’t already familiar with these rules, all liquids taken on a plane in hand luggage must be no larger than 100ml in size, and stored in a clear plastic bag that is resealable that holds no more than one litre of liquid and is approx. 20x20cm in size.

Therefore, store any e liquids and any other liquids you want to travel with in your hand luggage in one of these, and ensure it is easily accessible for when you pass through security as you must take it out to be separate from your carry on luggage for inspection.

You cannot take any containers larger than 100ml through security, even if it is only part full. Some vape companies produce short fill vape juice bottles that are larger than 100ml, so if you happen to have one of these, you will have to decant into a smaller sized bottle that meets regulations.

If you did want to take any bottles larger than 100ml with you on your travels, store them in your hold luggage as these are permitted to be carried in there and not in your hand luggage. It’s also worth storing these together in a clear plastic bag as well to avoid any spillages and just in case they have to be inspected.

Another thing worth mentioning is make sure your vape tanks are empty before flying. As the air pressure within the cabin can tend to lead to any liquid in the tank leaking out of the air flow holes and over the contents of your bag. I speak from experience on this matter.

Vaping at the airport

All UK airports share the same rules surrounding the use of e cigarettes within airports and that is that it is strictly prohibited, the same as smoking is within airports.

However, some airports have different guidelines on vaping/smoking after you’ve passed through security. Whilst the majority of the larger airports such as Heathrow Airport and Stansted Airport do not have designated smoking areas after security, some do provide designated smoking areas as well as designated vaping areas for people to take a quick smoke or vape break prior to flying.

You can check online if the UK airport you are travelling from does and does not have these designated smoking areas or specific vaping areas.

It’s also worth checking out what the rules are at your destination airport before you fly to see if they have designated smoking areas/designated vaping areas for when you land or before you fly back.

Can I use my vape on an aeroplane?

Most if not all airlines share the same policies on the use of e cigarettes on aeroplanes, and that is you are not allowed to vape on a plane. If you were to use an e cigarette and get caught, you could face serious legal implications once your flight has landed. All airlines guidelines one cigarettes on planes are clear and accessible to all so it’s vital that you follow them.

Vaping on other public transport

Whilst we have already covered the rules about using e cigarettes on planes, we will just quickly talk about vaping on other public transport options in the UK.

It is also prohibited from using e cigarettes on all trains and underground rail services in the UK, as well as Buses and coaches. If you were to break these rules, you could face fines and further legal implications.

Preparing for your trip

It’s always useful to prepare and stock up for your trip before you travel to ensure you’re not left stranded and without anything you need to keep vaping whilst away from home.

Rules and regulations on the use of electronic cigarettes vary from country to country so it’s worth stocking up on things like coils and your favourite e liquid before you travel so you’re not caught short and can’t get what you need.

It’s worth keeping all your spare vaping accessories and e liquid together in a small bag in your hold luggage so it doesn’t take up valuable space in your cabin bag. And remember if you were to take spare batteries with you if required, keep them in your hand luggage and check on if there are any restrictions by the airline on how many you can take with you.

vape laws around the world

Vaping laws and legislations around the world

As mentioned above, it’s always worth researching the laws and legislations of e cigarettes in your destination country where you are travelling to. And it is worth stocking up before you travel as vaping laws vary country to country on what can be purchased.

As of last year in Australia, it is illegal to buy vape juice and any other nicotine related vaping products without a valid prescription from a GP.

In Singapore, they’ve banned vaping entirely. Since 2019 there has been a blanket ban on all imitation tobacco products which means e cigarettes and all associated products fall under this ban. It is illegal to possess, purchase or import any of these products and anyone found breaking this rule could face up to a $10,000 fine and/or up to 6 months in prison. These punishments are doubled for repeat offenders also! Even the use of e-cigarettes will land in you seriously hot water.

The vaping ages in certain countries vary also. The legal smoking/vaping age in the UK as well as most EU countries is 18 years. Where as in the United States, the minimum age is 21.

Vape juice regulations around the world

The Tobacco Products Directive was introduced to the UK and the EU in 2016 which implemented restrictions on tobacco related products such as e cigarettes and e liquid.

From when the legislations were imposed, the maximum size bottle of e liquid that contained nicotine that could be sold is 10ml, and the highest strength nicotine being 20mg which is commonly nicotine salt e liquids.

As mentioned, these legislations were imposed for the UK and the EU, therefore certain other countries rules and regulations differ to ours.

In the USA, it is possible to obtain vape juice bottles larger than 10ml that contain nicotine, and also the nicotine strength can go right up to 50mg. You can also purchase disposable vapes with a nicotine content higher than 20mg which you can get here,

It’s always advised to be cautious with buying e-liquid with such a high nicotine content, as this could cause you problems if you’re not used to such a high concentration of Nicotine.

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