How to get the most flavour out of your Vape Juice

How to get the most flavour out of your vape juice

How to get the maximum flavour from your vape juice and vape device

There are hundreds if not 1000s of different e-liquid flavours available on the market today, more than there has ever been right now, and some of them sound and taste amazing to any vaper. It’s exciting hearing or seeing a flavour combination of vape juice that sounds just mouth wateringly fantastic, you buy it, load your tank up with it and take that first pull on your vape and…’s not what you thought it would be. Heartbreaking! But this could be down to a few different factors that isn’t anything to do with the flavour you’ve just bought. In this article, I’ll explain what you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your vape juice, and make it taste as good as it sounds!

Ensure the coil materials are right for your juice

Some devices come with coils made for specific types of juice, such as mesh coils, so you need to make sure what type of coil you’ve got is the right one in your tank as the first step. Some companies make coils specific for vaping Nicotine Salts, as they change things within the coil to enhance the flavour of the Nicotine salts so you get the best flavour possible.

If the vape juice you’ve bought is a High VG vape juice, ensure you’re using a Sub ohm coil (1.0hm or lower) High VG juice is thicker due to the amount of Vegetable glycerine being used. Sub ohm coils are normally larger and have more cotton in to absorb the juice and enhance the flavour, rather than a coil made for 50/50 vape juice and mouth to lung vaping which is smaller in size and has a small coil and less cotton in. If you’re using the wrong coil, the juice will just over saturate the coil and not heat properly, meaning your flavour will probably be muted and not what it should be.

Fresher the coil, fresher the vape

It’s essential to regularly change your coil in your vape, as spent coils will make any vape juice taste rank and not right. The cotton within your coil will burn away and get clogged up with excess juice and you’ll fast lose flavour.

The flavour you get when you first change a coil will be different to the flavour you’ll get after a few days of vaping, so just be aware things will change the more the coil gets used. I’m not saying you need to change it every day or as soon as the flavour starts going different, just be aware things might be a bit different flavour wise.

Air flow makes all the difference

Some people might not know this, but the air flow on your vape does actually make a difference when it comes to flavour and getting the most flavour possible.

If you have your airflow fully open when you inhale, the air will get to the heat from your coil, and make your vape a lot cooler, you’ll produce more vapor but it will limit the flavour you’re getting a tad.

Whereas if you had the airflow slightly restricted, you’ll get a tighter draw, more of a throat hit and the flavour will be kept in better, thus you’ll get more flavour as well as it enhancing the flavour of the juice you’re using. A minimal change can really maximise flavour!

Vapers tongue can affect the flavour

I’ve previously covered Vaper’s tongue and how to overcome it in an article you can read HERE

Your taste buds are funny little things, and they can be easily damaged or affected by the simplest of things, and it can take a little while to get things back on track so you can have a pleasurable vape experience.

If you’ve used the same vape flavour for a long time, you may be suffering from vapers tongue and not realise it. You’ll soon know when you decide to buy a new flavour different to what you’ve been using and you’re not getting much flavour from it when you vape. This could signal you’re suffering from vapers tongue as your sense of taste isn’t up to what it should be!

But fear not, it’s easily reversible. You’ll want to drink lots of water, and try using a minty/menthol vape juice for a little while and then go back to the new flavour you’ve bought and you’ll likely find you can taste what it’s labelled as and have a better vape experience from this point!

Your vaping device plays a crucial part to maximise flavour

If you’ve got a device that has variable wattage or an option to change your settings, then these can play a pretty big part in how much flavour you get from your vape juice.

Some devices will have variable wattage on them, and the higher the wattage, the more power being driven to the coil, and the more flavour you’ll get from your vape juice. Of course, only use the ideal wattage that is best for your coils, as you’ll end up burning your coils out way too quickly.

Some devices even have temperature control settings on them, which is an advanced way to ensure your coil is running at optimal levels and enhancing the flavour of your vape juice and can give you either a cooler or warmer vape, depending what you have it set at. If you’re unsure of getting the settings right on your vape, I’d recommend popping in to your local vape shop where I’m sure there will be someone happy to help you!

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