How to charge a vape safely


Like a car needs petrol, and we need food & water to function, a vaping device needs battery power to work properly. Therefore, you’re going to need to charge it! But there’s some do’s and dont’s when it comes to charging your vape safely, which I’ll go over below.

Cable compatibility

It may sound simple, but make sure your charger is compatible with your device. Using an incompatible cable can mean that too much current goes into the battery which in turn will cause it to overheat, and could potentially lead to your vape exploding, which is not good!

Key things to remember when you’re sourcing a charging cable.

  • Use the cable supplied in the box with your vape. Every kit comes with a USB lead, and you should always use this.
  • Don’t use cheap charging leads. They might be cheap, but probably won’t work!

USB or wall socket?

Ah, the age-old question. Most vape kits won’t come with wall socket plugs, but they’re still usually compatible with wall socket adaptors. We recommend getting a smart plug that will do all the hard work for you by adjusting itself to the correct voltage for your device. But smart plugs don’t know everything – to prevent damaging your battery always check the user manual first for information on voltage.

Other vape devices can only be charged from USB ports. We think it’s best to use the USB ports on your laptop or computer, and I’d never recommend using a smart phone charger, as they are designed to charge phones quickly that have a much bigger battery capacity than your vape does, so could cause your vape to overcharge, and kill the cells inside it.

How long should I charge it for?

Most vape devices will have an automatic shut off feature, but as a rule of thumb, they normally take around an hour to charge fully.

Try and not leave your vape on charge overnight, as this could cause it to be overcharged and either become overheated or kill the cells within your battery and you’ll find your battery life won’t be the same.

Watch out for Mother Nature

It probably goes without saying not to leave your battery charger in the rain. But did you know that weather conditions with lots of moisture, heat, and even the cold can affect your battery? Make sure to check your environment before you stick your vape on charge, and always store your device and charging cable away from water, direct sunlight, and high temperatures.

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