How Much Do Vapes Cost? 2023 Update

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If you’re sitting reading this and you’re a current smoker considering making the switch from smoking to vaping, chances are you’ve questioned the main topic of this article and that is what is the actual cost of Vaping?

It’s something you might not be fully up to speed on, and for good reason as there are quite a few different variables you need to take into account when opting to choose to use E-Cigarettes as your preferred method to get your Nicotine.

The cost of a “starter kit” for Vaping can be anywhere from £14.99 right up to £39.99, but you don’t need to go to mad on your first kit! Settle for a cheaper “entry” level vape to get you started, as Vaping might not be for you, and this way you wouldn’t have forked out loads of money on a kit.

With the news breaking in the last week or so that the Government will be launching their “Swap to Stop” scheme to over 1 million smokers in the UK, I wanted to write a handy guide to give you an insight to what the true cost of Vaping will be after you’ve made the swap, and also compare it to how much money you will save compared to the cost of smoking. Let’s get into it!

The Cost Of Vaping Compared to Smoking

The Government Announces ‘Swap to Stop’ Scheme

As I discussed in a previous article, the Government here in the UK announced last week that it would be launching a “Swap to Stop” scheme to 1 million smokers in the UK, encouraging smokers to make the swap to vaping and quitting smoking for good.

This entails top level support from experts at local Stop Smoking Services in the UK as well as giving them vouchers to exchange at their local vape shop to get themselves a ‘Vape Starter Kit’ which contains everything they need to get them started on their vaping journey. Finer details of what this kit contains have not been revealed as yet, but I would imagine it will be a vape kit, vape juice and spare coils/pods as that’s what a starter kit is to me.

This is absolutely huge news to come from the Government, and shows that they’re really getting involved to get people away from smoking and backing the use of E-Cigarettes to help them do so. They made a pledge back in 2019 for England to become a “Smoke Free” country by 2030, which means the entire adult smoker count for England would be sub 5%. An independent review showed that this target was set to be missed without intervention but now we see some movement from the Government, there’s a probable chance it could be doable.

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The Cost Of Smoking

First off, we’re going to take a deep dive into the actual cost of smoking, and it’s really eye opening once the facts and figures are put out in front of you trust me.

The price of cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco have been subject to small percentage price rises in every budget announcement that is delivered by our Chancellor of the Exchequer every year, with this year being no exception and the price of the aforementioned being inflated once again, with hand rolling tobacco going up by an eye watering 16% and a pack of cigarettes rising by 15% as of March 2023.

The reasoning behind these price rises was to try and discourage people from continuing to buy cigarettes and tobacco and hopefully quitting smoking, as well as increasing public health and reducing the burdens that Smoking has on NHS costs etc but this isn’t a detraction to some and many people do continue to buy even at the newly inflated prices.

I’m going to break the cost of smoking down, using the scenario of someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day to base my calculations on and reveal just how much it would cost them a year to smoke…brace yourself!

The current cost of 20 cigarettes after the newly inflated prices is £12.64 per pack of 20 cigarettes. And the person in question is a heavy smoker that smokes 20 cigarettes a day.

£12.64 x 7 days = £88.48 a week on Cigarettes

£88.48 x 4 weeks = £353.92 a month on Cigarettes

£353.92 x 12 months = £4247.04 a year on Cigarettes

Absolutely mind blowing and borderline eye watering seeing just how much the cost of smoking is per year if you’re a heavy smoker of tailor made Cigarettes I think you’ll agree! And with the current cost of living crisis that everyone is currently enduring, I highly doubt this is an amount of money that many people in today’s climate have spare!

The cost of smoking has been one of the main reasons that current adult users of E-Cigarettes have opted to turn to using E-Cigarettes and quit smoking, and for good reason too as the cost of Vaping is nowhere near the cost of smoking, in fact it’s an absolute fraction of the cost of smoking! Let’s take a look at it in detail.

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The Cost of Vaping

Now we come on to the main topic in question and that is breaking down the cost of Vaping and looking at all of the variables required to continue to vape throughout the course of a year, and spoiler alert…it’s nowhere near the cost of Smoking!

I’m going to break it down in segments at what you will need to maintain the ability to vape through the year, and how much each thing will cost you over this time frame as well. You can get everything you need to get set up right here on Vape69, and I’ll explain how!

Vape Device

Pretty obvious this would be the first thing on the list, as how else are you going to be able to vape without having an actual vape device to do so!? The price of Vape Devices really vary depending on what you want to get out of and what you want it to do. If you’re starting off on your vaping journey, you’ll just need a simple and straight forward no frills device that you can put your E-Liquid into a vape away with no worries or fiddly tech specs to understand.

If you get a good brand that’s renowned within the Vaping world (there are plenty) and look after your device as well, it will last you a fair while, and chances are you won’t have to replace it in the course of a year either. So you can consider this a one off cost that will see you through!

We stock the Uwell Caliburn G2 Vape Device and this is an amazing piece of kit that I’ve been using consistently for the last year or so and it’s still going strong. It’s a pod system that takes coils, and is simple and straight forward to use. We sell these for £22.99 per device, with free UK Shipping as well!

UWell Caliburn G2 Device = £22.99 a year

Vape Coils

This is one of the two things you will have to keep up with purchasing alongside Vape Juice to ensure that your vape device is fully functioning and keeping you satisfied.

Coils are like what a heart is to a human body, if it’s not functioning properly then neither will your device! Coil life span is anywhere from 1-2 weeks and can be affected by how much you use your device, as well as what brand or flavour of vape juice you choose to use as well, as some are notoriously sweet and will burn the cotton wick inside your coil quicker than some other juices as well.

At Vape69, we sell packs of 4 Caliburn G2 Coils for £9.99 and even if you only got the lower end of the life span out of a coil, which is 1 week, a pack of 4 will last you an entire month on average, so only having to spend £9.99 a month on coils isn’t really breaking the bank!

Pack of Coils = £2.50 a week // £9.99 a month // £119.88 a year


The second thing alongside coils that you will have to regularly purchase to keep your vape ticking and your nicotine cravings curbed as well, and that is E-Liquid!

A 10ml bottle of E-Liquid on average should last 2-3 days depending on how much you use, so you’ll probably go through 2 bottles a week, but for the sake of this let’s say you’re going to buy 3 a week to ensure you have plenty in reserve should you need it.

Buying your vape juice from us here at Vape69 will not break the bank or cost you the earth, which is something we’ve purposefully done creating a range of high quality e-liquid at the most affordable price possible to our customers.

3 bottles of Vape69 E-Liquid = £2.07 a week // £8.28 a month // £99.36 a year

The Grand Totals!

To summarise all of the above, let’s add it all together and see what the Cost of Vaping per year would cost you by shopping with us at Vape69

  • Device: £22.99 a year
  • Coils: £119.88 a year
  • E-Liquid: £99.36 a year

Bringing the total cost of Vaping in one year to…..£242.23!

Now I think you’ll agree with me on that total is a much more agreeable amount per year and a cost that many people can likely afford. To give it some hindsight, this total is around 6% of what the cost of smoking is per year, absolutely crazy when you think about it really isn’t it?

The Wrap Up

And there we have it folks, the true cost of smoking revealed which really is eye watering at how much it costs now, and alongside it the cost of vaping which pleases me greatly by how much cheaper it is, as well as being a safer and healthier alternative as well.

At Vape69, we bring you the highest quality vape juice at the lowest price possible to keep it affordable to all of our customers and this is something we will continue to do so people can afford to vape the best quality e-liquid without breaking the bank.

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