How long does 10ml of E-Liquid last?

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How Long Does a Bottle of Vape Juice Last?

Back when I used to manage a retail vape shop, this is a question that a lot of people who were new to vaping or just starting to vape would ask me, and honestly, it’s a bit of an open ended question as the answer varies from person to person.

In this article, I’m going to talk about how long I think a bottle would last a person, going from 10ml in size right up to 100ml in size, the comparison in longevity of a 10ml bottle to a pack of 20 cigarettes and also the standard shelf life of a bottle of eliquid before it expires.

How Long Does 10ml Vape Juice Last?

10ml e-liquid bottles are the most commonly seen in vape shops, and what sells the most. It’s also the top seller for us here at Vape69. But how long does a standard 10ml bottle of vape juice last?

As I mentioned, the answer to this question does vary from person to person, as Person A may vape considerably more than Person B, so their vape just might not stretch as far as Person B’s.

The factor of if the person was a heavy smoker and smoked a lot of cigarettes in a day, they probably have quite a high dependency on Nicotine, so would vape alot more often. I would recommend this person using a higher nicotine mg content in their vape juice so it scratches their itch of wanting nicotine.

Where if a person was only a light smoker, without a higher dependency on nicotine, their vape juice will last longer.

If I had to put a number on it though, I’d say that a 10ml bottle should last someone for approx. 3 days if they are not a heavy user.

I’ve known some people to go through a 10ml bottle in a day before, so it really does vary depending on the person. If you’re like me and get your hands on a really nice, sweet flavour that’s a bit moreish, the bottles don’t tend to stay full very long!

How Long Does 50ml Vape Juice Last?

50ml bottles of vape juice tend to be sold as a High VG juice, normally a 70/30 ratio of VG to PG and made to be used in Sub Ohm devices.

The longevity of these bottles will vary based on the device the person is using, as if they are using a high powered sub ohm kit, with the watts set to a high number, the coils will heat ands burn through the juice alot faster than if the person had their device set on a lower wattage.

I can’t really give a specific time on how long one of these bottles should last, because it really does vary from person to person and their vaping set up, but if I had to, I’d say 7 days would be a good estimate for how long a 50ml bottle of e-liquid should last.

How Long Does E-Liquid Last Before It Expires?

Vape Juice does have a shelf life/expiry date, and it should always be printed somewhere on the bottle to adhere to TPD regulations.

All of our bottles of e-liquid at Vape69 have a “POD” (Produced on Date) printed on the bottom of the bottle, and as a general rule of thumb, it should last for two years from P.O.D.

I’d reccomend not using e-liquid that is past its prime as you may find the nicotine will be quite harsh and the flavour of the juice that you’re used to won’t be the same, and could be quite muted.

How Many Cigarettes is a 10ml bottle of e-liquid equivalent to?

Another common question I used to get asked a lot, and still do now, is how many cigarettes is a 10ml bottle of vape juice equivalent to?

It’s a question again that does have a bit of a broad answer spectrum but there is a common answer I can share with you.

It’s estimated that a 10ml bottle of vape juice that’s 20mg in strength, for example a bottle of Nic Salts, is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. So if a 10ml bottle is lasting somebody 3 days, it’s better than smoking a pack a day of cigarettes that the person was previously accustomed to.

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