How Long Do Vapes Last?

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You might be new to Vaping or may be even on the fence considering to make the switch from smoking to vaping and may have some questions relating to the topic of Vaping, with one of the primary ones being the titular question of this blog.

There isn’t a simple and straight forward answer to this question as there are several variables that can determine how long a vape will last, but fear not as I’m going to cover all of the bases and look at how long different vapes last, and what you can do to ensure you get the longest life possible out of your vape!


How Long Does A Vape Coil Last?

If you didn’t already know, the coil in a vape tank/pod is basically like what the heart is to the human body, where if it isn’t looked after and works properly, then your vape isn’t going to work either!

The breakdown of what a coil is a small wire coil wrapped a specific amount of times to create the ohm resistance, with a cotton wick threaded through, and then housed in a metal casing. This is what the power from the battery is sent to, and it then heats up your vape juice to produce the vapour and also deliver the nicotine to you when you inhale it.

Coils come in all different ohms and resistances, and this determines what kind of style of vaping you will be able to do, and also determines what power settings your vape can be set to. The higher number of ohms, the lower wattage you will need to run it at…sounds confusing right? Don’t worry, it isn’t!

For example, if you have a 0.4ohm coil, you will be able to run your vape at something like 30-45 watts, and you’ll be Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping. Where if you got a coil that had 1.0ohm resistance or higher, you’ll want to only be using a very low wattage setting like 15 watts, and you’ll then be capable of doing Mouth To Lung Vaping, which is what people will want to achieve if they’ve recently quit smoking as this replicates the effects of smoking a cigarette quite well.

The average life span of a coil should normally be at least a week, but can be up to 2 weeks normally as well. The variables I mentioned do play a part in how it could last longer, or less which I’ll explain…

Vape Juice Can Make A Difference

The most notable thing that can affect your coils life span is the flavour/brand of vape juice that you choose to use. There’s some brands of vape juice out there which are notorious for shortening the life span of a coil, and have been dubbed as “coil killers”

These brands normally offer sweet vape juices, normally sweets/confectionary or based on popular drinks, and to replicate the flavours of something which is normally sweet, additional sweeteners as well as heightened volumes of sweeteners are added into these vape juice recipes to give an authentic flavour, but this in turn can heavily reduce your coils life!

This is because the sweetener will get stuck to the cotton of the coil and not burn away and in turn will just cause your cotton to burn and effectively ruin your coil.

Here at Vape69, we run rigorous Coil Testing on all of our vape juices to make sure they are as kind to coils as possible whilst still being packed to the brim with flavour. And we do not add any unnecessary sweeteners to our vape juices either!

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Use The Correct Wattage

I mentioned this above, and it’s a pretty important thing you have to do to ensure your coil doesn’t get over/under worked and that is using the correct wattage settings on your vape according to the resistance of your coil.

When you buy a pack of coils, it will normally have the “recommended wattage range” written clearly on the box, and most coils even have it etched on to the actual coil itself. It’s essential that you use a wattage within this range given so your coil will function and last properly.

If you used a wattage that was above what’s been recommended, then you’re going to force the coil to heat up too quickly, and this will just burn the cotton near instantly and your coil will be ruined and sadly there’s no getting it back from this point!

If you used a wattage that was below what’s recommended, your coil isn’t going to heat up properly, and this will likely cause it to “flood” which is the term for when it gets filled with excess vape juice that doesn’t get heated up and turned to vapour, and your cotton will become over saturated and this will cause your coil to not function properly.

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How Long Does A Disposable Vape Last?

I couldn’t write a blog about vape devices without mentioning Disposable Vapes now could I?! This is quite a commonly asked question by people who may not have used Disposables before, and this again doesn’t have a clear cut answer and varies from person to person.

A Disposable Vape is what it says on the tin, a single use vaping device that when it reaches the end of it’s life, it is then disposed of. But how long the life of one of these devices is really does depend on how much it’s used. Inside every Disposable is a pre charged lithium-ion battery and also normally 2ml of vape juice, but this is sometimes less but never more as it keeps in line with the TPD regulations.

The life span of these devices depends on which runs out first, either the vape juice or the battery power and these can be affected quite heavily depending on how much you use said Disposable. It’s been reported that they can only last a frequent vaper just a day before they run out, but if you take a more conservative approach to using them, it may last you for at least two days, but not much more than that.

This is one of the shortfalls of Disposable Vapes is they don’t last very long and they’re not exactly cheap to buy either with most costing around £6. So if you’re buying one every day of the week, this will end up costing you over £40 a week, when for the same money you could get a pack of coils and over 40 bottles of vape juice from Vape69 which will last you much longer!

How Long Does A Vape Device Last?

So we’ve covered coils, and also branched into Disposable devices, but you might be wondering how long an actual Vape Device with an internal battery will last you.

As long as you look after your device, it should last you a pretty decent amount of time, I’m still using a device I’ve had for nearly three years and it’s still going strong! Internal battery devices do hold up a fair while of time, providing you follow the correct charging protocols.

This means using the charging cable that came with your device (normally always comes in the box when you buy it) and using the correct charging plug as well. Avoid using something like a phone charger plug as these are fast charge plugs designed to charge phone batteries fast and these are considerably bigger than what a vape battery is, so will charge it too quickly and you stand a chance of killing off the battery cells which is far from ideal.

If you keep it in good condition, and charge it correctly, it should last you a fair amount of time before you have to consider getting yourself a new one. Like I said, I’m still using one which is a couple of years old now and still holds up fine!

If you got a device that has external batteries, it’s always advised you should refresh and change the batteries to new ones every six months approximately, but this comes down to whether you feel it necessary or not.

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