Does vaping stain walls or leave a terrible smell?

Why do people start Vaping

Does Vaping stain walls?

Everybody knows that smoking has a lot of bad points. Not only is it bad for your health, it’s also bad for people around you from the second-hand smoke that can be ingested, but it’s also bad for your personal hygiene and home decor by the stains and bad odours that it leaves lurking around.

It’s been proven by researchers that the smoke produced from one cigarette can linger around for nearly five hours after the cigarette is extinguished. Cigarette smoke is notorious for staining teeth, hands, and even furniture and walls inside your house, but does vaping do the same?

In this article, I’m going to look at what causes the stains from cigarettes, and whether or not vaping stains walls. 

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Does Vaping stain walls if I use my E-Cigarette indoors?

We will start this blog with the question in topic! And to answer it is straight forward, vaping can stain your walls, but in a much longer timeframe and less harshly than what smoking does.

Whilst vapour does contain nicotine (if you have nicotine in your juice of course) the difference is the nicotine has been vapourised via your device, and not combusted like that of a cigarette. Most of the nicotine from your vape juice is inhaled and ingested, rather than being exhaled in a cloud of smoke alongside all the bad toxins.

If you are consistently vaping indoors, it will eventually cause a “film” to cling to your walls and surfaces, but it won’t be a dirty yellow colour like that of cigarette smoke. It will also stick to surfaces and cause dust to cling to it a lot quicker, so you may find yourself cleaning more frequently. But it won’t leave any lasting damage to what cigarette smoke does.

But this film that can be caused can easily just be wiped away with a wet cloth or sponge, rather than having to scrub the grime from cigarettes with industrial strength cleaning products and probably destroying your wallpaper at the same time!

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How do cigarettes stain walls and furniture?

The stains that occur within the home from cigarettes is caused by Nicotine, and what is described as “Nic-Stain” This is due to the fact the smoke from a cigarette is full of toxins such as tar, as well as nicotine (which is not a toxin, nor harmful like a toxin) that lingers around and clings to any surface it can land on, i.e your furniture or your walls.

I remember the days when I was younger going to a social club with my parents when smoking indoors was still legal, and the walls were a lovely tinge of yellow and the room just reeked of stale smoke. It’s been 15+ years since smoking was allowed inside pubs and clubs, but some places still have that distinct aroma as it’s not an easy thing to get rid of once it’s set in.

Without the correct airflow system, cigarette smoke can just linger around and create a layer of grime on walls and furniture, and eventually begin to go a nasty yellow colour, and eventually begin to damage your walls and furniture.

Consistent smoking inside will lead to the stains building up quicker, and the layers of grime will just pile on top of each other and not be an easy thing to get rid of. But does vaping stain walls if you vape indoors?

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Does Vaping leave a smell?

Yes, the vapour that lingers round with smell like whatever flavour juice you’re using at the time. This is convenient as not only is it a vape, but also doubles up as a free air freshener! Just make sure you’re vaping something nice smelling!

Good ventilation is essential

If you do choose to vape indoors, always have a good ventilation system in place, like having a window open or the door to the room you’re vaping in open, as this will allow the vapour to disperse with leaving a lingering cloud of fruity smelling vapour. 

If you vape whilst driving, it’s absolutely essential to have a window open and exhale your vapour out of it, as not only will this begin to stick to your windscreen and form the film I spoke about above, it could also seriously impair your vision of driving, and you’re essentially breaking the law and putting yourself and others at risk of a serious accident.

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