Does Vape Juice Expire?

does vape juice expire or have a best before date

You may be new to vaping, and have plenty of questions regarding the subject of Vaping, and it’s totally understandable as there are so many different things you need to know about! And even if you are an experienced vaper, you may still want to know the answer to the question in title of this blog, and that is does vape juice expire?

In this blog, I’m going to break down exactly what goes into vape juice, looking at each of the primary ingredients used to make vape juice and explain about expiration dates and hopefully answer any and all of the questions you may have about this subject!

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What Is E Liquid?

E Liquid, Vape Juice, E Juice, all of the different names essentially means the same thing…it’s the liquid that goes into an electronic cigarette that is then vapourised to deliver nicotine to you and create the vapour that you exhale.

It comes in various different nicotine strengths, nicotine types and as well as dilutions with either an even split of VG/PG or more VG to PG or the other way round depending on what you want. But you might not know what each of these things are or the reasons why they’re included in making vape juice, so let me explain!

Vegetable Glycerine – This is the thicker of the two main ingredients used in vape juice. It’s commonly seen as the base in a lot of liquid medicines which I’m sure we’ve all taken at least once in our lives. This helps enhance the flavour concentrates used in vape juice to make it much more flavoursome, and if a higher mixture of this was used, it will create more vapour as well. Which is why a 70:30 ratio is more commonly used for sub ohm vaping devices.

Propylene Glycol – This is the thinner of the two main ingredients used in vape juice and has different properties to it compared to it’s partner VG. This is what creates the “throat hit” alongside the nicotine when you inhale on your vape. Which is why all high mg nicotine vape juice is made at a 50/50 ratio mix so it creates an authentic throat hit like what a cigarette does.

Nicotine – The third and final ingredient is the only variable when it comes to the three as not every one has Nicotine in their vape juice so it’s not always in every bottle! Nicotine is what is found in tobacco plants, and is in cigarettes obviously. And if someone is wanting to quit smoking cigarettes, then getting vape juice that contains Nicotine is absolutely essential to avoid any withdrawal symptoms from setting in.

Does Vape Juice Expire?

Right, let’s get into the question in topic here!

When vape juice is made, it’s given a shelf life of approximately 2 years. If you buy e liquid from Vape69, you’ll notice on the base of the bottle that we print “Produced On Date” with the month and year that it was produced on. That’s what the POD stands for if you’ve been wondering!

This means it’s got at least two years from that date before you may find the quality of your vape juice will start to lessen. It’s not going to go “off” like what food does when it passes it’s best before or expiry date, simply because there’s nothing in vape juice that can act like that.

There are a few clear indicators which you can keep an eye out for that will give a good signal that the quality of your vape juice may be lessening.

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Change Of Colour

This is probably the most obvious indicator that your vape juice may not be as good as it previously was and that’s the colour of your juice may not look like what it previously did. The most common colour it will go is a darker colour and normally brown.

This will continue to darken over time if you keep it. The colour change is from the nicotine settling and starting to separate within the mixture. There’s nothing stopping you from using vape juice that is this colour, but chances are it’ll probably be quite harsh on the throat due to the nicotine separating and not being diluted properly in the mixture.

Storing Vape Juice Properly Can Preserve It

It’s really crucial that you always store your vape juice correctly, as failure to do so will likely lead to your vape juice getting spoilt and not enjoyable to vape either.

Keep your bottles away from direct sunlight, or from extreme heat as this will cause a reaction within the bottle and likely separate the ingredients. Keep it out of very cold temperatures as well, as this will cause the VG to become even thicker than it already is and your vape may struggle to properly vaporize it.

Keep your bottles in a cool and dark place, and indoors of course. I always keep all of my bottles of e liquid in a cupboard or a drawer which ticks the dark and cool place boxes nicely and I suggest you do the same!

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Is Expired E Liquid Dangerous?

It’s not really dangerous as to say, because none of the ingredients used to make vape juice are actually dangerous in the first place, so the fact that they might go over their expiry date or past the window of time from production doesn’t mean they’ll become dangerous to vape.

The only things you may find with vaping “expired” vape juice is that the flavour may not be as rich as before, or it will be a bit harsher on your throat because of the nicotine would have separated.

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