Changing the E-Liquid in your tank – A guide on how to do it

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Vaping isn’t as simple and straight forward as some people think, and there are a lot of little things you need to be aware of and know what to do if the situation arises, and one of them is how to change the e-liquid in your tank/pod if you’ve had enough of what’s currently in there.

I remember when this first happened with me, and I wanted to switch flavours from, what I recall, was a vanilla custard flavour and try out my new mixed berries flavour e-liquid. I had a little bit of the vanilla custard residing in the bottom of the tank, and just simply topped it up with my berry flavoured e-liquid, but the flavour wasn’t that great truth be told! The two flavours had fused together and created a berry vanilla custard concoction which wasn’t as nice as what it sounds like, trust me!

So I had to embark on my own research of working out what the best way to change my e-liquid in my tank, and eventually after trawling through the pages, I found the solution! And that’s what the point of this blog is all about, I’m going to give you a step by step guide on how to change your e-liquid in your vape tank to ensure you get the full flavour of the juice you’re wanting to use, and not any other lingering flavours that might be sticking around.

Vape Tank with e-liquid in

Give it a wash!

If you’ve got a tank or a pod that is capable of being taken apart, and the coil can be removed, then giving it a wash with warm water is my absolute number one go to recommendation for getting rid of your previous flavour you had in there. This can only work though as long as you can separate the coil from your pod or tank. Pods that have the coil included and it’s then sealed are quite a common thing, so if you have one of these, you unfortunately won’t be able to do this technique as putting excess water on the coil can give you issues with the coil functioning properly.

  • Take the pod/coil away from your device
  • Take it apart, separating the coil from your tank or pod and putting it to one side
  • Get rid of any excess e-liquid that is in your tank. Either tip it onto some tissue, or down the sink
  • Wash your pod/tank with warm water. I normally fill a cup up with warm water from the tap, and submerge my pod/tank into it for a minute or so to soak. You can also use water from the kettle if you wanted to, but you must use something like tweezers to put it in and take it out as you do not want to burn your fingers!
  • Take it out of the water, and dry it thoroughly with some dry paper towel, and leave to air for a bit. And make sure it is completely free of moisture before putting the coil back in.

And just like that, you will have a clean tank clear of any residue and no flavour from your previously used vape juice left behind!

Vape Pod

Have a spare pod/tank on hand

Whilst this might not always be possible, but having a spare tank or pod on hand will give you the flexibility to switch between flavours of e-liquid quite easily, without having to go through the rigmarole of the above of washing your tank out every time you fancy swapping flavours.

Some pod systems when you buy them will come with two pods as standard, which is really handy as it opens the door up for you to have two different flavours on the go, but even if you don’t get a spare pod in the starter kit, they’re normally available to buy separately and commonly in packs of two as well, so you can pick some up as a back up and they’re not normally that expensive either as an added bonus!

Tanks are a little more pricey than spare pods, and it’s understandable if you don’t want to spend money on a spare, especially if you’re vaping on a budget. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll have more than one vaping device and in turn will want a tank on that bad boy so you have a complete vape kit as a backup. And if this is the case, then you can put a different flavour in each of your kits and you’ll be well away!

Clean Vape Mod Tank

You can always add e-liquid to your tank to make a flavour combination you enjoy

I know I started off this blog with how bad my unintentional flavour concoction was, but there are actually e-liquid flavour combinations you can make that makes it quite an enjoyable vaping experience. Back before TPD legislations came into force that restricted the capacity of vape tanks down to 2ml, the standard size used to be 5ml, which meant you could get a decent amount of e-liquid in there and combine two or even three flavours.

Menthol is the first one that comes to my mind that people do enjoy adding to stand alone flavours to give it a subtle minty undertone. When I used to manage a vape shop, I had customers who used to always buy a tobacco flavour e-liquid and a menthol e-liquid and combine them both in their tank to get a minty tobacco flavour reminiscent of what a menthol cigarette would be like. I personally quite like adding a little drop of menthol to a fruity e-liquid flavour like strawberry or raspberry to give it a little menthol kick. But then I quite liked menthol cigarettes when I smoked so menthol works with anything for me!

Combining fruit flavours can also be quite nice as well, mixing together a two stand alone fruit flavours can be quite nice, but definitely avoid mixing together a cakey/bakery flavour and something wild like aniseed or liquorice as I can guarantee that this won’t taste nice!

Vape69 Image

Myth Busting Time! You don’t need to change your coil every time you change your flavour

Going to conclude this guide with a little bit of myth busting, and that is discussing the common belief that you must change your coil when you change your flavour of your vape juice. And this is just something that isn’t necessarily true and it definitely doesn’t need to be done every time you change flavours!

I remember being told this in a vape shop when I started out vaping and being quite disheartened by the prospect of this, as I was completely new to vaping, I wanted to try all of the flavours possible as they all sounded so good and it was something I was looking forward to, but this was squashed down a bit by the thought of having to fork out on new coils every single time I wanted to change my flavour around.

I spoke to a good friend of mine who was more of a seasoned vaper compared to what I was, and he said it’s not necessary at all to change the coil every time you change flavour, and he was right after all! You will likely still taste the flavour of the previous vape juice you’ve had in your tank for a little bit, as the flavour will still be on your cotton, but the new flavour you’ve put in will soon take over and dominate and you’ll be well away!

I did say that this isn’t necessarily true for every time, but there may be times you might need to change your coil after you’ve used a specific flavour, especially if it was an overly sweet e-liquid as this could affect the condition of your cotton from the sweetness of it, and therefore you might need a fresh coil after this.


I hope this guide has helped you understand a bit better on how to change the flavour in your tank, without the need to waste juice, vape a flavour combination that isn’t very pleasant, or changing your coil every time you want a new flavour in!

If you wanted to check out the fantastic flavours of stand alone flavours that we offer at Vape69, as well as some of the mouth watering flavour combinations our flavour experts have created in our labs, then follow the links below to see exactly what we have on offer!

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