Can switching to vaping save me money?

Can switching to vaping save me money? Blog Post

The cost of smoking cigarettes is staggering, we know. It’s one of the main reasons why so many people are making the switch. But how much money can switching to vaping really save you?

The average smoker (who smokes 10 a day) will spend on average £37.80 per week on cigarettes, which works out as £1971 per year. That’s equal to two 9 night holidays abroad including hotels, flights and entertainment – and additional spending money. For those that smoke 20 cigarettes a day, the average annual cost quickly multiplies to around £3,940 per year. Holy smokes. That’s a lot of dough.

Can vaping save me money?

Short answer, yes. And we’ll explain why. While the initial set-up costs for vaping might seem quite pricey – you have to buy your first e-cig kit, coils, vaping accessories, and of course, e-liquid (but more on that later) – you actually save money after the third or fourth day of vaping. Yes, there is some light upkeep needed when you start the vaping lifestyle, namely buying vape juice, regularly changing your coils, and eventually replacing your vape battery. But the total cost of this upkeep is barely a scratch in comparison to the price of cigs.

You’ll have to change your coil in your vape device often – anywhere between two and five weeks, it really depends on each individual vaper. Coils can vary in cost; on average they will set you back between £3.99 – £6.99 for a pack of two, but again, this price varies on each individual vaper and the type of tank they use. With an average cost of around £4.99 a month for new coils, this is still less than half the price of one packet of cigarettes. Nice.

Much like how iPhones become increasingly rubbish at holding their charge the longer you have them, all rechargeable batteries in vape devices have what is known as a charging cycle. This means the batteries can only be recharged and depleted a certain number of times before you need to replace them – think of it as that moment when you finally give in and ring your network to beg for a phone upgrade. We estimate that you need to replace your e-cig battery every 3-18 months, but because this outgoing doesn’t happen often, it won’t make much of a dent in your bank account.

V69’s commitment to low cost e-liquid

Last but not least, the cost of e-liquid. At V69, we’re 100% committed to making the best quality vape juice possible at the most accessible price – that’s why we’re called V69, because our e-liquids always have been (and always will be) 69p. We want to help you make the switch and save you money. And with the UK’s cheapest premium e-liquids, why would you ever go anywhere else?

A money saving switch

You heard it here first folks. Vaping is dramatically cheaper than smoking. So much cheaper in fact that you can save an average of £3200 every year! Remember those 9 night holidays we spoke about earlier? That’s almost four of those. And if you choose V69 for your e-liquids, you might even be able to stick a couple of rounds of holiday drinks on there as well.

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