Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

Can you save money with vaping

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Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

Yes! Vaping is cheaper than smoking. Vaping is over 90% cheaper than the cost of smoking per month.

The average cost each month to a 20 a day smoker is well over £300. Where as the monthly cost of someone who vapes is not even £10, I explain this in more detail below so keep scrolling to find out more! 


The number of adults in the UK using E-cigarettes is at the highest it’s ever been!

The proportion of the adult population using e-cigarettes has increased this year to 8.3%, the highest rate ever[1]

But are they saving money by doing this:

Giving up smoking not only helps a person improve their health and general wellbeing, but it also helps their bank balance. Vaping is cheaper than smoking, and by quite some margin.

Is switching to vaping worth it?

Yes absolutely it is. Not only will it have a positive impact on your bank balance, but your health with drastically improve as well.

Let me explain:

Smoking is the leading cause of heart and lung disease in the UK

Smoking is responsible for 78,000 deaths every single year in the UK[2]

This is caused by the amount of tar, carcinogens and thousands of chemicals that are emitted and ingested when a cigarette is lit and smoked by a person.

Whilst Vaping is not completely risk free, it is 95% safer than smoking as declared by Public Health England. As of writing this, there has been ZERO deaths reported due to Vaping, as Vaping doesn’t carry the same level of risk as what smoking does and does not lead to smoking related diseases. And Vaping is also a lot kinder on your wallet too, so I would say switching to Vaping is worth it.

How Much Are Cigarettes In The UK?

The cost of a packet of Cigarettes in the UK averages out at around £12 a pack of 20 cigarettes on today’s market. The price has slowly been creeping up year on year and seems to increase with every budget announcement.

The price of hand rolling tobacco has also increased, with a 50g pouch costing nearly £27 on average. Whilst this does tend to last people longer than a pack of “tailor made” cigarettes, the cost of this is still absurd.

Being a smoker in the UK in current day certainly doesn’t come cheap, and is another added cost to people along with the already worrying cost of living crisis we are all enduring.

£0.69 available on subscription
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£0.69 available on subscription

How will vaping save me money?

People who quit smoking and switch to Vaping normally report back two things:


They see an improvement in their health and general wellbeing from not smoking for a period of time.

And second:

They realise quickly how much money they are saving by not buying cigarettes.

But you’re probably reading this wondering:

Will vaping actually save me money, and if so, just how much will I save?

Vaping does save you money, no ifs or butts (get it?), it is considerably cheaper than smoking and will save you money nearly instantly once you make the switch.

Vape69 vs Smoking Chart

A 10ml bottle of E-Liquid from Vape69 costs just 69p, and I always give the estimate that 10ml should last someone 2-3 days as an absolute minimum. So, if you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, you would spend £84 a week or £372 a month

By switching to Vape69 you could save £82.62 a week vs Smoking


£365.79 a Month

The way you vape will dictate how much you spend on vaping each week/month. If you find yourself vaping quite frequently, you may need to buy coils or e-liquids more often, but still a fraction of if you were smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

How to save even more money on vaping

We’ve established buying e-liquid is the first way to save money, but as natural human instinct suggests, we always want a bit more.

So, you ask yourself:

Is there’s ways to save even more money by vaping? Well yes, there is:


Shortfills are large bottles of Vape Juice which don’t contain any nicotine. This means there are no restrictions on how large the bottles can be.

You can buy 100ml bottles of e-liquids and add in your own nicotine, normally called nic shots. 

How much more can I save:

If you get your Shortfills from Vape69, then they are only £4.69 for a 100ml bottle and includes two 10ml Nic Shots!

This works out at 47p for 10ml of e-liquid

As you progress with your vaping knowledge, and become a more experienced vaper, building your own coils can save you a lot of money from having to buy a replacement coil from a vape shop or online, but this is only for advanced vapers and coil building isn’t something you can do straight away.

How Does Vaping Work?