Can You Vape Indoors In Public Places?

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Can you believe it? It’s been over 10 years since vaping first arrived in the UK. This is almost as long as our experts have been around in the vaping industry making the best e-liquids in the business!

Since then, vaping has quickly become one of the most popular alternatives to smoking. But despite its rise in popularity, a lot of people are still confused about the laws around using vape devices in public. Which is understandable to be fair, as the rules in some places aren’t as crystal clear as should be, and also some places allow vaping indoors, where as most won’t.

The law on smoking in public places was rolled out in the United Kingdom way back in 2007, with a blanket ban on smoking in public places such as clubs, pubs, restaurants and various other enclosed public spaces. But it was the introduction of E-Cigarettes onto the market 6 years later which then started leading some confusion amongst people, because they weren’t smoking a cigarette but rather using an E-Cigarette, so would the rules apply to them? Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

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Can You Vape In A Pub Or Restaurant?

I do not know of any restaurants that allow the use of E-Cigarettes inside, and they certainly do not allow smoking inside either. I remember going to the restaurants when I was a kid, and it was separated into two sections a smoking section and non smoking…reminds me of that scene from Mrs Doubtfire actually! Smoking or Non Smoking? SMOKING!! Come on, you know the scene!

Pubs is where it gets a little bit twisted though. There is certainly no pubs in the UK that allow smoking ever since the ban came into effect, and most of them also follow this mantra when it comes using E-Cigarettes. HOWEVER, some pubs do actually allow the use of E-Cigarettes inside, as it’s at the Landlords discretion, because there actually isn’t actually a law that forbids it like there is for cigarettes.

It’s worth checking the rules and regs of whatever pub it is you’re visiting before opting to have a puff. As choosing to just vape without asking is a bit rude and you might not even get a chance to finish your pint.

Can You Vape On Public Transport?

You’ve probably guessed the answer to this one already, but I’ll still explain it for the sake of content! Vaping is banned on trains, buses, and planes the same as smoking is. I’ve never used public transport in the last 15 years that permits smoking as well as vaping, which isn’t a bad thing as the last thing you want when you’re travelling is being clouded out or smoked out by someone vaping or smoking a cigarette.

Where Can You Vape Outdoors?

This might sound a bit farfetched, and a bit of a silly question as you’re outdoors so why should it matter if you’re vaping, it’s the open air. But it’s specific places that you likely will have to be considerate in when opting to use your vape.

Whilst there aren’t actually any specific laws which ban vaping outdoors, there’s still a sense of decorum you must have when choosing to have a vape. Much like smoking, using a vape device outside is generally permitted in public spaces like streets and parks. But certain areas such as play parks/play areas where there’s children around will have clear signage that indicate no vaping or smoking within the gates.

You also cannot vape within a certain distance from a building entrance either. For example, you can’t vape outside the entrance to hospitals and must be 15 metres away from the door, and normally off of the hospital grounds as well. No vaping is allowed on train platforms either, even if they are outside. See, maybe it wasn’t such a silly question!

Don’t rush to get your vape device out just yet. Many owners of outdoor spaces often also put their own rules in place for the comfort of others. So even though the law doesn’t technically prohibit vaping outdoors, it’s always best to check.

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Why Aren’t Vaping Devices Covered Under The Same Law?

A good question. But don’t be complaining about the fact they aren’t as it’s a good thing for us vapers to have one up on the smokers! And also it’s quite a positive aspect of choosing to vape rather than smoke!

As of now, science hasn’t found any evidence of second-hand e-cigarette vapour being harmful. Since vaping doesn’t decrease the air quality in the same way cigarettes do, vape devices aren’t covered by the 2007 law. Which the primary reason for banning smoking inside public enclosed spaces was to protect those who do not smoke from inhaling second hand smoke, or passively smoking as it’s commonly referred to, as this is one of the leading causes of indirect illnesses in the UK and likely also the world too.

So that should basically clear up any questions or confusion that you may have had on the subject of vaping in public places. Don’t do it where you’re definitely not allowed to, and if you’re unsure of whether you can or can’t get your E-Cig out in these places, just check with the right people first before assuming it’s ok to do so!