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Finding the best vape liquid flavour

Finding your favourite flavour of vape juice can be a bit of a minefield, as well as a lot of taste testing. I’ve been vaping consistently for the last 6 years and still haven’t found “the one” when it comes to flavours, but I certainly have a few favourites I tend to lean towards.

Some people will want their e-liquids to taste like a traditional cigarette and lean towards tobacco flavours, others might go for a standard menthol flavour if they are used to menthol cigarettes. But most others will stray away from the traditional tobacco tasting e-liquids and opt for a sweeter vape juice.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the different flavours and options we offer at Vape69. We have 60 different flavors and aim to cater for everybody’s taste buds.

£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription

Getting the most flavour from your vape juice with your vape kit

What vape device you use will contribute massively to getting the optimal flavour from your vape juice.

Using something simple like a vape pen, which is a great starting point for people on their vaping journey, with the right ohm coil will make for a satisfying vape experience and make your vape juice very flavoursome.

If you are a more experienced vaper, using a sub ohm kit, with a sub ohm coil in sub ohm tanks alongside our High VG (Vegetable glycerin) e liquids, every single puff of your vape will be maximum flavour and cloud production.

If you’re looking for a small, discreet device, you would probably lean towards a pod style vape device, and use our flavoursome nic salts range for a smooth, full bodied tasting vape.

Freebase nicotine e-liquids vs Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

We offer a large range of e liquids in a variety of flavours. These are liquids using a standard freebase nicotine, and come in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strength.

These liquids tend to give more of a throat hit based on the ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and are a popular vape juice amongst new, as well as experienced vapers.

We also offer a smaller range of flavours in our Nicotine salts range of e liquid.

Nicotine salts are an e liquid created with the same form of nicotine found in tobacco. A natural form of nicotine that is then blended with the core ingredients to make e-liquid.

The most common types of Nicotine salt are a standard nicotine base liquid, with is then mixed with a weak acid, such as Benzoic Acid which is the most commonly used one.

Best Vape Liquid For Sub Ohm Vape Kits – High VG Vape Juice

High VG e-liquids are the most popular vape juice within the vaping community, specifically those who use sub ohm devices and the vast array of flavours produced by different vape juice brands is constantly growing.

High VG e liquid means the ratio of VG/PG is 70% VG to 30% VG. This creates a much more flavoursome vape and produced a lot more thicker clouds also.

There’s always an argument over what is the best vape juice flavour or vape juice brands of High VG e liquids. Probably the most iconic HVG flavour is Lemon Tart by one of the best vape juice brands in the industry; Dinner Lady that was bought on to the vape market in 2016. Lemon Tart set the standard for dessert flavoured vape liquids, and has been voted the best vape juice flavour multiple times and is probably one of the most replicated vape juice flavours by other vape juice brands.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are becoming very popular in the vaping world. These are devices which have a set puff limit and once the puff limit is reached, the device is then thrown away or disposed off, hence the name.

These are popular for the convenience factor, but also as a way to try our different vape flavours. However, it is a costly way to vape, and it is much more beneficial to use traditional e cigarettes.

And with recent events of calls for Disposable Vapes to be banned, the question lies how long are they going to be around for? 

We have created a range of vape liquids that have been inspired by the popular flavours seen in Disposable Vapes, but we offer these at a much more cost effective way with it only cost £1.69 for 10ml of premium Nic salt vape liquid! 

Check out our handy guide to them and see what ones take your fancy!

Disposable Vape Pens

What we offer at Vape69

As previously mentioned, we have 60 different vape juice flavors in our freebase range, 6 Nic salt flavours, and 10 delicious vape juice flavors in our 100ml Shortfill range . We aim to offer the cheapest vape juice possibly to our customers, whilst making sure the quality is of the highest order. I’m going to break down and explain some of the flavours we make to help you find the right vape juice for you.

Keeping up with tradition

Our tobacco range is probably our most popular for people who want a traditional tasting e liquid.

American Tobacco

A full-bodied tasting e liquid, reminiscent to a tailor-made cigarette from the USA

British Tobacco

The most popular tobacco liquid in our range, a nice mellow tasting e liquid similar to British tobacco brands.

Premium Tobacco

The crème de la crème and arguably our best tasting tobacco e liquid. A rich tobacco taste on inhale with a mellow biscuit flavour on exhale.

Sweet Tobacco

The best vape juice for someone who is looking a sweet caramel blended with tobacco e liquid.

Virginia Tobacco

If you’re missing those hand rolled cigarettes, look no further than our Virginia flavour which is enriched with a classic hand rolled tobacco taste.

Keeping it cool

Some people prefer just a standard menthol/mint e liquid, or a fruity flavour with a nice icy kick which is made from adding in WS-23 or Koolada as its also known in the vaping world. Here’s what we offer to keep things cool.


A standard cool menthol flavour. Nothing more, nothing less.

Double Menthol

If our standard menthol isn’t enough, go for double the flavour and double the menthol hit by opting for this flavour e liquid.

Blackcurrant Ice

Like drinking an ice-cold glass of blackcurrant juice on a hot day, but instead you’re vaping it!

Blue Raspberry Ice

Similar to the iced slushie drinks we all love, this will be a satisfying flavoursome all day vape for you.

Cherry Ice

Freshly picked cherry’s blended with a subtle icy kick.

Strawberry Ice

Fresh ripe strawberries with a shot of ice to create a refreshing e liquid.

Watermelon Ice

A sweet candy Watermelon flavour with a cool kick to accompany!

£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription

The Drinks Cabinet

If you want an array of delicious e liquid flavors reminiscent of your favourite drinks, take a peek into our drinks range listed below.

Blue Sour Slush

If you love drinking a slushie on a hot day, you’ll love vaping our Blue Sour Slush flavor.

Cherry Cola

Like it says on the label, this is our take on a classic, the refreshing delectable Cherry Cola

Green Sour Slush

Don’t be green with envy at people vaping this e liquid, get a bottle of Green Sour Slush for yourself!


A simple classic orange juice flavour that you won’t have any of the nasty bits with!

Strawberry Shake

Our take on a glass of refreshing strawberry milk but in e liquid form.


The popular drink we all know and love, this is an e liquid based on a classic!

£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription
£0.69 available on subscription

Sweet Tooth? Check out our Tuck Shop range


If you like Sambuca or Pernot, but don’t fancy the hangover, try our Aniseed e liquid!


Just like the 10p chews, a classic liquorice flavour e liquid.


An instant classic and one of the most popular old school sweet flavours!

Rhubarb and Custard

One of the best pairings when it comes to desserts and sweet flavours. Fruity rhubarb mixed with a creamy custard to create one of the most delicious Flavours on the market!

30 fruity flavours to ensure you get your 5 a day!

Perhaps not the traditional way to get your 5 a day, but with our range of 30 different fruit flavour vape juices, it’ll be easy to hit that number.

Our fruit flavours include Apple, Peach, Banana, Cherry, Mango, Raspberry, Watermelon, Grape and even some blended flavours such as Mixed Berries or Forest Fruits, you will easily be able to find what the best fruit vape juice is after trying these.

Nic Salt Range

Whilst our range of cheap Nic Salts is smaller than our Freebase vape juices, the flavours we have created are pretty special.

British Tobacco, Blackcurrant Ice, Cherry Ice, Double Menthol, Hi-Zen and Rainbow make up our Nic Salt range. And at only 69p a bottle, you can buy the entire range to try and it won’t break the bank!

High VG Range

Our 100ml shortfill range of vape juice has been created to give people the best vape juice Flavors possible to have an optimal vape experience whilst giving the cheapest price possible.

With a mixture of ice flavours like Watermelon Ice and Blue Raspberry Ice, classic flavours like Menthol or Hi-Zen/Cherry Hi-Zen and sweet classic flavours like Vim or Rainbow, we have aimed to create a range of great tasting vape juices designed to be used in sub ohm vape tanks.

All of our High VG vape juices are nicotine free but come with 2 nic shots free with every bottle bought!

Vape Bar Nic Salts

This is our newest range of Nicotine Salt vape liquids! We took the most popular flavours seen used in Disposable Vapes and created our own version of them, in 10ml bottles and available in 2 different nicotine strengths for only £1.69 a bottle! 


To end this blog, in a similar way to how I started it, the best vape juices, the best vape juice brands, or even the best electronic cigarettes does all come down to personal preference.

At Vape69, we have price all of our 10ml e liquids just 69p a bottle, and our 100ml shortfills at £4.69, to give people great tasting e liquids at an affordable price and the option there for people to try multiple flavours until they find one they are happy with and deem that their best flavour.

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