A Guide to Different types of E Cigarettes

a guide to different e cigarettes

A guide to different types of E-Cigarettes

The variety of e cigarettes and vaping devices on the market today is at it’s absolute peak. Every week there seems to be a handful of new devices dropped on to the market by various different manufacturers. I’m not ashamed to admit, I’ve tried pretty much all of the devices that I’m going to list below over the last 6 years that I’ve been vaping, and I dread to think how much money I’ve spent that’s for sure!

If you don’t know what you’re looking at and what they do, it can be a bit daunting making the right choice. In this article, I will explain all the different devices available on the market today, starting with the most basic device, right up to the very advanced kits that vapers use, explain their functions, what level of vaper they are designed for and try to help you pick the right one for what you’re wanting to get out of an e cigarette.


These are the hot topic in vaping at the moment, for a few of the right reasons but also very wrong reasons.

Disposable vapes are exactly what they say on the tin, or cardboard packaging in this case. An e cigarette that is a self contained unit, usually in displaying a bright vibrant colour scheme, with a small lithium battery, a tiny coil, cotton and 1.3ml of vape juice that is draw activated when its inhaled.

These are not refillable or reusable, and once the battery or vape juice runs out, they will not function and they are then to be disposed.

The wrong reasons these are the hot topic is due to the ever increasing numbers of under age users using disposable vapes, as well the damage they are doing to the environment due to the inability to recycle these devices as they contain a lithium battery so they all just go in to landfill, which the number per month is rising month by month due to the popularity.


One of the original vaping devices that landed on the market, that is still available today, and I’d say still has popularity amongst the vaping community.

These are similar to the above mentioned disposable kits, but they resemble a traditional cigarette rather than any colour or varied design.

Cartomisers are also disposable, they are a single small cartridge that contains a specific amount of vape juice, and a coil, that then screws on to a small 350mah battery and can be used to vape.


Pod systems are becoming popular and a lot of vapers are using them for their vape of choice.

Pod systems come in various different shapes and sizes, but all do the same thing really. They are a device that normally contains an internal battery, rechargeable by USB, that a pod then clips into the top of.

Pods come in a couple of different options, some are already self contained and pre filled with vape juice, but most of them are refillable with whatever vape juice you choose, and the only upkeep you need to maintain is changing your coil regularly. I’ve written an article specifically all about caring for your coils which is worth a read when you’ve finished reading this one! 


AIO stands for All in One, which is exactly what these style of vape pens are. An all in one unit that is in a slim pen style design and really simple and easy to use.

These AIOs normally don’t have adjustable wattage options and operate a specific amount of watts based on what coil is used.

Typically used for Mouth to Lung style vaping, so ideal for someone who has recently stopped smoking and started vaping.


Box Mods are the larger vape devices you may have seen people using. They get the name from the fact they are larger in size and usually in a square box shape.

These devices either contain an internal battery, or external batteries can be used with them to give a nice long lasting battery life each charge cycle. They have adjustable wattage, and a vape tank screws on the top of them to create a full vape kit.

These are hugely popular among Sub Ohm vapers, who vape HIGH VG vape juice in a Direct to Lung style and usually at a high wattage setting.

Mouth to Lung tanks can be used on these Box mods also if you prefer that style of vaping. You’d usually operate on a low watt setting, so the battery life longevity will be very good in this instance.


These devices are strictly only to be used by people who have a solid understanding of ohms law and battery safety as in the wrong hands, these can be very dangerous and end up being a handheld firework if you don’t know what you are doing!

Unregulated/Mechanical mods are for advanced vapers who like to get the most flavour possible and create the biggest clouds of vapour possible. There is no variable wattage on these, they operate on the amps pulled through the external battery and ohms of the coil to function. And if you have either of these things wrong, the end result could be fairly catastrophic. So I must stress that MECHANICAL AND UNREGULATED MODS ARE ONLY TO BE USED BY ADVANCED USERS, WITH A FIRM KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF BATTERY SAFETY AND OHMS LAW.

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